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Revitalize, Don’T Retire

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Revitalize, Don’T Retire

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Men in their 60s today are apt to enjoy considerably longer, healthier retirements than their fathers and grandfathers. Many stand a decent chance of living well into their 80s if not reaching 90, doing so with a modicum of style. Because one's senior years can be a time of promise, renewal, and revitalization the book focuses on the positive possibilities.
Many are creating a new definition of retirement. I call it revitalizing. They view themselves as entering an exciting, new phase of life. They want to be active, rather than risk being bored. Many want to make the transition to something new, productive, and creative. There may be second and third careers, or a series of volunteer activities.
By offering the four pillars of well-being for men in retirement: existential, emotional, physical, and financial, concisely and in one place, the book provides guideposts for fulfillment. The book will help point the way for your revitalization a new you. It will help design a longevity plan for the life you want to live that goes far beyond the typical money-crunching retirement planning. It reflects the need for a more holistic approach to living in your senior years, integrating ones aspirations, emotional and physical well-being, and concerns about money. You will see how to develop: your existential, emotional, physical, and financial wellness.
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