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Selling in the Comfort Zone: How to Grow Your Business Without the Rejection and Stress of Traditional Selling

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Selling in the Comfort Zone: How to Grow Your Business Without the Rejection and Stress of Traditional Selling

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If you see yourself in the following scenario, this book is written for you:

You're a business owner or salesperson. You've got to make sales. But you hate to pick up the telephone. You hate imposing. You hate bothering people. You hate rejection. And you feel sick to your stomach when your calls aren't returned. But the clock is ticking and you've got to make calls. So you take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and try again. If only there was another way.

If this describes you, then this one-of-a-kind book could literally change your life. In 279 action-packed pages, Neil Godin will introduce you to "another way"-based on ten alternatives to old-fashioned selling. Alternatives he developed during 22 years of turn-around work with companies in crisis, where sales always have to be doubled or tripled-immediately-at little or no cost. Alternatives that his sales training clients in healthy companies use to boost their sales-quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. Ideas you can use, immediately, to build your business-without leaving your comfort zone.

You will learn:
How (and why) to stop cold calling forever, and exactly what to do instead
How to grow your business painlessly, by turning customers into "sales ambassadors"
How to use free "word of mouse" marketing to bring in brand new customers
How to use newsletters, special events and presentations to attract new customers to you-and end the discomfort of prospecting forever
How to use displays and testimonials-on your premises and on your website-that do your selling for you
How to use systematic add-on selling to increase sales immediately-at zero cost
And so much more!

This book is a must for business owners; business starters; salespeople in every walk of business life; sales and marketing managers; professionals who need to market their services, and fund raisers in not for profit organizations.

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