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Piney Woods Memories

Piney Woods Memories

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Piney Woods Memories

57 pages
27 minutes
Jan 19, 2011


When I was a little girl, my parents discussed
Moving to the future home.
Now that I am an adult, this phrase
Comes back to me in my mind.
The concept of future home implied to me
That we would be moving to another place.
How appropriate this future home memory
Depicts my every-changing life.
Jan 19, 2011

Despre autor

I am a complex woman who lives a very simple way of life, with a positive attitude and a will to live in the face of adversity. This book is born out of my human struggles with growing and adapting to everyday challenges in life. My approach to life can be described as a chameleon that faces life's challenges and blends in with flexibility and humor. I refuse to bow to defeat and accept my loss as it comes. I can say that I take the "lemons in my life and make lemonade." My writing of poetry has been a wonderful blessing and gift to me from God. It has helped me to face difficult situations and come out victorious with my true self intact. This book represents to the world my small contribution to the wisdom that living a wonderful life has given to me. It has been a precious journey and I have loved every lesson I have learned. This book is my legacy and I leave these words for all to read and enjoy. I am originally from North Carolina but I moved to Tacoma, Washington to be near my daughter and grandchildren in July, 2010. I am now retired from a career in nursing of 42 years which I enjoyed and loved. I hope to write more poems because words from the heart and soul are precious to me and to others who may need to hear them. I have been divorced for 10 years and I have the wonderful blessing to take care of my two beautiful grandchildren and write my poetry. I am thankful and at peace with myself and long to give back to the world with my talents, money, acts of service and my words.

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Piney Woods Memories - Carolyn C Dew


Table of Contents

1. Piney Woods Memories

2. My Future Home

3. Peaceful Poet

4. Adaptation

5. Wildlily

6. The Bruised Reed

7. Blessings

8. What is Real Love?

9. Music in My Soul

10. The Seasons of My Life

11. The Peaceful Life

12. Life is a Lesson

13. My First Love

14. What Goes Around, Comes Around

15. My Father, the Sailor

16. The Man Who Gave Me His Name

17. The Man on the Quaker Oatmeal Box

18. Lessons I learned from Mama

19. Mother

20. My Brother, the Farmer

21. Little Brother of Mine

22. Dear Granny

23. The Master Mechanic

24. A Tribute for My Aunt and Uncle

25. In My Daughter’s Eyes

26. The Circle of Life

27. In Honor of My First Grandchild

28. My Minister Husband

29. To Frankie

30. Divorce

31. Broken Vows

32. Suffering

33. To the THS Class of ’64

34. A Modern Day Job

35. My Friend, Joyce

36. Goodbye to Mikey

37. My Ideal Mate

38. A Unique Connection

39. Wisdom

40. I Lost My Job Today

41. A Soldier’s Lament

42. Amazing Spirit

43. A New Beginning

44. Peaks and Valleys

45. The Fall in New England

46. Survival of the Fittest

47. My Life

48. A Special Someone

49. Renewal in God’s Awesome World

50. Forgiveness

51. Let the Butterflies Loose

 Piney Woods Memories

The roots of my raising run deep.

Piney Woods memories I keep

Close to my heart and deep in my soul,

The memories are precious, better than gold.

A little girl of five, so scrawny and thin.

Not knowing what was ahead or around the bend.

I am so glad that I lived close to the earth,

My father, a farmer, crops grown in dirt.

A happy childhood playing Indians and cowboys

With my two brothers, oh what great joy.

There is no life better than living on a farm,

God kept us safe and protected from harm.

The sweet smell of honeysuckles in fresh air,

Tromping through the woods without a care.

I have come far from my Piney Woods days,

But deep in my being, the memories stay.

The one wish I have is to share the verse

Of "Piney

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