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130 pages
2 hours
Jun 15, 2007


Terri Linville thought she was going to the Amazon to work on her Thesis. Instead she finds herself in the middle of a terrorists plot.She getshelp from her father, Sam Linville, head of the NSA, and other charactors whose experiences tend to overlap around a web of intrigue with potentially wide reaching implications. After a grisley find she learns of a mystical creature called MOM-BRE. A creature that eats the muscles of a body and leaves the skin and bones.

With time running out Terri, Dr. James Newhouse, and the rest of the team, set off to find Dr. Keller and the team abducted by the terrorists. Taking into account an understanding of certain contemporary political and cultural conditions, with elements of suspense and emotion,you will explore the relative complexities of human nature and interaction as well as capturing theimaginationand to provoke thought.

Jun 15, 2007

Despre autor

James H. Wilkinson grew up on a farm in Indiana. On the farm he learned to use his imagination traveling in space or meeting other space beings. James would dream of traveling around the world and finding lost treasure or new creatures. James traveled around Asia and Central America where he learned about the many cultures and people in general. Everyone had a story to tell. James would listen to their stories for hours. Listening to their stories James learned the eco-system set up in this world is there for the benefit of the human race. James H. Wilkinson is a graduate of IVTC with a degree in Physical Science; Graduate of PCDC with a degree in Private Investagations and a Paralegal Degree; and a graduate of The college of Investers Incorporated with a degree in stocks and bonds. James also attended Kentucky Christian College.

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Mom-Bre - James H. Wilkinson


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200

Bloomington, IN 47403


Phone: 1-800-839-8640

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007903652

© 2007 James H. Wilkinson. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 6/13/2007

ISBN: 978-1-4343-1496-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4670-8839-8 (ebk)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007903652

Printed in the United States of America

Bloomington, Indiana

This book is printed on acid-free paper.

D ata entry: August 12 th . The jungle seems endless. There are sounds I can’t describe. The trees are majestic as well as beautiful. I have never seen anything like this before. Today we are exploring an area very rarely traveled by any kind of humans. We hope to find the other scientists that went this way last month. No word yet from the party. Dr. James Newhouse out.

Mr. Newhouse! Mr. Newhouse!

What is it Jobe?

Mr. Carter says it is time to move out.

Thank you Jobe. Tell him I’m ready.

I wonder what great and glorious things we’ll encounter today; Dr. Newhouse thought to himself. This expedition is starting to get boring.

The caravan started to move past Dr. Newhouse in an orderly and precise movement. Mr. Carter demands perfection from everyone. Everyone learned how to pack his or her packs in a precise method so the weight was evenly distributed. Everyone respected Carter and no one questioned him on details. He is one of the best guides in the entire Amazon.

Hello Doctor. How are you today?

Fine Miss Linville. Are you ready for another march across this paradise?

I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of the hill; said Miss Linville as she marched in cadence with the caravan.

Are you joining us Dr. Newhouse?

Yes I am Mr. Carter.

Then lets go. We’re burning daylight.

Any chance of us joining the other team today? asked Dr. Newhouse.

There’s always a chance. Remote as it may be. Still a chance. Replied Carter.

It seemed they had traveled for hours. At one point all they were walking on was a narrow ledge protruding out of the mountain. Looking down a person could fall what looked like ten miles. Carter said it was only eight hundred feet. The view was spectacular. You could look across the valley for miles.

Dr. Newhouse didn’t mind hiking across the dense forest. He hated having to climb with ropes. Which is what they had to do in order to get to the top of the hill. Once they reached the summit the view was awesome. The air was crisp and clean.

Oh right everyone lets make camp, yelled Carter. Dr. Newhouse, Miss Linville look after things. I’m going on to scout ahead and see what’s in store for us tomorrow.

Don’t go too far Mr. Carter, said Dr. Newhouse. Carter just waved and proceeded down the side of the hill. Dr. Newhouse and Miss Linville watched as he slowly disappeared into the valley. Worried and concerned about Carter they went about the business of getting camp set up.

Mr. Newhouse, Miss Linville. Where do you want the cooking area and the tents? Asked Jobe.

Put the tents close to the ridge and the cooking area right in front, said Newhouse.

Very good sir. I’ll get on it right away. Said Jobe.

Also post a guard to keep a watch for Mr. Carter.

Right away. Anything else?

No. That’ll do. Thanks Jobe.

It was getting dark when the guard, Jobe had posted, started yelling. Everyone rushed over to see Carter slowly climbing up the ridge. Finally back on top everyone was excited and relieved to see Carter back.

What good news have you for us Carter? Asked Dr. Newhouse.

I hiked a good five miles and I believe I found a campsite where your other party had camped.

Do you know which way they went? Asked Newhouse.

I couldn’t tell for sure. When we get to the campsite tomorrow we’ll look for signs to see which way they went. said Carter.


The next morning Carter as usual had every one up and packing. The tents were packed. The kitchen, as Carter called it, was packed. At 0800 everything was packed and they were on the move. The climb down the slope was hard. It was a lot rougher than it looked.

Carter made it look real easy climbing up and down this slope yesterday. Thought Newhouse. Of course he didn’t have all this equipment on either.

Slowly they made it to the bottom.

Dr. Newhouse! Can you believe this? Its like we’ve gone back one million years. Look at all this vegetation. How huge the trees are. The air has a certain sweet smell to it. Isn’t it great! Said Miss Linville. I think I could put up residence here.

The locals might have something to say about that. said Dr. Newhouse. They might revoke your zoning permit.

What locals? asked Miss Linville.

T-rex; Brontosaurus…

All right doctor I get your point. Said Miss Linville laughing.

By the way. Why don’t you call me by my first name? Jim. Doctor seems too informal. I’m just good ol Jim.

All right good ol Jim. You can call me Terri.

Well now Terri why don’t you tell me about yourself. It seems I don’t know much about you.

Well good ol Jim, I was raised on a farm in Indiana. Actually my grandpas and grandmas farm. We raised chickens, hogs, cattle, rabbits and a big garden.

So your mom and dad are farmers?

No; not exactly. My father works for NSA. He’s the director. A career man. I think all the responsibility they put on him is what split mom and dad up.

So your mom and dad divorced and you two moved back to Indiana.

Actually three moved back to Indiana. I have a younger brother. Mom and dad never divorced. Dad came out as often as he could. When he did come out it seemed his mind was still on the job.

How long has he been with the NSA?

Fourteen years with the NSA. Before that he was in intelligence. He has two more years till he can retire with full benefits. Besides he gave me this really nifty laptop. Daddy said if I needed him I’m to press these two buttons. But only in case of emergency.

Sounds like your dad is worried about you being down here.

Yeah he’s worried. Especially with me going out on my own. I remember him coming home and showing us pictures that he had taken of us outside working. In fact he may have a satellite trained on us right now. Hi DADDY! As Terri waved to the sky.

Okay. Let me see if I got this straight. You have a brother; your dad works for NSA; your mom works on the farm; and you; what are you doing here?

I’m working on my doctorate and this is the only research team that remotely comes close to meeting my degree. Besides I always wanted to see the Amazon jungle. I’ve heard so much about it. I never dreamed it would look like this. Suddenly her computer started beeping. Now who would be sending me a message? As she pulled up her message she started laughing.

What are you laughing at? asked Dr. Newhouse.

Terri turns her laptop around and shows a picture of him and her looking up at the sky and her waving. Underneath the picture it read: LOVE YOU….BE CAREFUL.

See! I told you he’s watching!


Dr. Newhouse we’re approaching the campsite; said Carter.

Thank you Mr. Carter.

As they entered the campsite Carter knelled down to examine the coals left from the fire.

I would say your friends are two to three days ahead of us.

Dr. Newhouse didn’t respond. He was busy looking around at the campsite. He noticed how the tents were situated. Where the kitchen area was. Odd! Thought Newhouse. Carter would never allow us to be situated that way.

Dr Newhouse, said Carter. It appears the party went northwest.

Any sign they may be in trouble? asked Dr. Newhouse.

None whatsoever. Everything seems normal for the most part. Replied Carter

Are you referring to the way the tents are arranged? asked Newhouse in a quizzical tone.

Yes! I don’t understand why Tremble would do such a thing. He should know better. Said Carter looking around the campsite.

Could it be a signal?

Could be. I have no idea what it would be. If he was in trouble why would he go deeper into the Amazon? said Carter.

Do you know this Tremble well? asked Newhouse.

He’s the best guide in the Amazon. He’s the one who taught me most everything I know.

Did he know that you were you would be coming with the next team?

Yeah he knew. When he came to me and talked about the expedition we decided he would lead the first team and I would lead the second.

Maybe he done it as a joke to confuse you!

If he did he sure did a good job. Laughed Carter

Dr. Newhouse laughed too. It was a nervous laugh. He couldn’t help think there was something wrong. If Tremble was as good a guide as Carter says he is then why break and run further into the Amazon? Something wasn’t adding up.

Mr. Carter!

Yes Jobe.

Are we continuing on or are we making camp?

Lets make camp. In fact set up camp the same way the other party had set up.

Are you sure? Asked Jobe.

Yes I am. Maybe in the morning I’ll make some sense of this.

Dr. Newhouse and Jobe left Carter to set up camp.

Carter was still squatting by the fire pit. Come on Tremble. What are you trying to say to me?


Data entry: Sunday August 24th . Today

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