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Fresh & Sweet: Your Guide to Better Breath

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Fresh & Sweet: Your Guide to Better Breath

Lungime: 197 pagini2 ore


This simple book is for everyone who has difficulty dealing with their bad breath and other peoples. It will give you all the tools you require to fight it. It is a complete solution for zany type of bad breath problem, which originates from the mouth and nose. It will give you confidence, enabling you to lead a happy life.

It will also give you the knowledge to use toothbrushes and toothpastes in a better and more effective way. You will stop using breath pills, breath sprays and mouthwashes to cover your bad breath.

You will reduce your spending costs on expensive solutions they will never buy you the long- lasting results that this book will bring you.

To develop bad breath you need a cause. This book is all about the causes of bad breath and
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