Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9/11

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Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9/11

Până la Paul W. Rea

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In one volume, Mounting Evidence provides the most important evidence accumulated over many years that calls into question the governments account of 9/11. Any citizen of conscience reading it will demand a new investigation.

Mike Gravel, United States Senate, 1969-1981

Theres little doubt the tragic attacks on 9/11 soon became the defining events of our time, shaping much of what has followed. But even now, over a decade later, how well does the public actually understand them?

Other researchers have written about key facets of 9/11-the fall of World Trade Center buildings, the air-defense failures, the backgrounds of the hijackers, or the role of the Saudi funders. This impressively researched volume, however, is the first comprehensive treatment of the many different angles. It connects the dots to reveal disturbing patterns. Years after many of us thought the Crime of the Century was solved, case closed, additional evidence demands a closer look. These findings, which Dr. Rea presents in a lively, accessible way, call out for a new investigation.

In Mounting Evidence, Dr. Rea shows how, by understanding the shattering events of that dark day, Americans can end seemingly endless wars, take back personal liberties theyve lost, and restore their democracy.

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