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Liberals Favorite Lies: Black and White or Gray All Over

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Liberals Favorite Lies: Black and White or Gray All Over

Până la Dave Sampson

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In Dave Sampsons new book, Liberals Favorite Lies the author calls the Democrat party on a variety of misrepresentations, half truths and outright lies. Its said that you know when a Liberal is lying whenever you see his lips move. In modern politics the variety and severity of Liberal lies, and the deception perpetrated on the American people, cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, sports scandals and celebrity gossip receive far more attention from the average American than do the immoral and sometimes illegal actions demonstrated by Democrats and Liberals in American politics.

Man made global warming is the newest and most threatening lie the Left has come up with. Liberals have employed junk science and gathered environmental activist judges to institute policy on an issue that is as phony as the tooth fairy. By manufacturing a crisis, the Left has created panic and hysteria among nave and unsuspecting Americans. According to the Left, the only way to address global warming is to regulate our behavior and tax the hell out of us. This is the typical Liberal approach to any problem.

Liberals lie so much that their lies have been largely accepted as truth among the political inner- circle. This is damaging to our nation in countless ways. By telling us that terrorists can be reasoned and negotiated with, Liberals have put our national security in jeopardy. By telling us the use of racial profiling is offensive and cannot be tolerated, Liberals have effectively eliminated our use of intuition and common sense. By telling us tolerance and diversity are necessary to our nations fabric, Liberals have begun to divide America.

From their pseudo-patriotism and false pride in America to their institution of political correctness and enforcement of tolerance and diversity, Liberals are chipping away at the foundation of America. Liberals Favorite Lies attempts to open the eyes of the average American to the harm and devastation that these lies are beginning to cause. If left unchecked, Liberals will continue to perpetrate their lies and resulting policy changes on the American people. Its time we all open our eyes and refuse to accept Liberal lies.

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