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Fulfill Your Destiny

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God Made You With a Plan in Mind - Since the beginning He knew what you were destined to do. He knew the desires of your heart and He made a plan just for you.

In this series Les D. Crause will take you through how you can discover what you were destined to do and live the life that God planned for you.

Destiny vs Calling - You will discover how your desires fit into your destiny and what the difference is between your destiny and your calling.

What mark will you leave on this world?

You are destined to do something that no one else has done. If you have many desires and want to accomplish something with your life you need not fear, it can be done.

You can rise up into what you desire, fulfill God's call on your life and live a life filled with joy. Health, Wealth, and Relationships can be yours and it is possible for you to do this right now, it only takes one step to get started.

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