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Gaia: A Mystical Epic

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Gaia: A Mystical Epic

Lungime: 165 pagini46 minute


Gaia is a poem of epic proportions following the
journey of specially designed creatures for repairing
the earth after an unknown cataclysm leaves the crust in
ruins. Written entirely in rhyme, with alternating verses of
sonnets and original meters, the interlocking words refl ect
a connection with all life, as inspired by Terence McKenna,
Eastern philosophy, and the modern rise of visionary art.
The result is a psychedelic odyssey through mind-bending
landscapes and clues to the earths collapse, all the while
catapulting the imagination through other dimensions. As
the quest accelerates, they are taken out of body and mind
and into the spirit world. Fifty chapters comprise this fi rst
poem book in the series, later to be revisited in the second
book Galaxia.

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