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A Cascade of Thoughts in Poetry

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The Cascade of Thoughts in Poetry contains a stream of relevant thoughts that is of an expressive gift to you. It is also an ideal gift for anyone close to your heart.
Pause and ponder while you bury your fingers deep into the poetic lines. You will discover that this Cascade of Thoughts . . . will convey thoughts to make you be vigorously aware of the vicissitudes in/and positive aspects tof life. It imparts sound advice to strengthen your faith in God; build hope; inspiration, and resolution to face portents and issues that beset you; to make the most in your daily life through charitable acts; to blow your troubles away, and to seize your lifes desires.
The messages that the Cascade of Thoughts . . . offer will bring in happiness in you; wisdom in your universal outlook; and ultimately, will set your world right.

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