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Smart Spending on Your Teeth- the Smart Series: The Blueprint for Having Success with Your Dental Treatment

Smart Spending on Your Teeth- the Smart Series: The Blueprint for Having Success with Your Dental Treatment

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Smart Spending on Your Teeth- the Smart Series: The Blueprint for Having Success with Your Dental Treatment

187 pages
1 hour
Aug 7, 2012


The information in this book has helped me and my husband to save thousands of dollars in major dental work. This information is highly recommended for anyone considering any major dental treatment. S.

Brown Palm Desert, CA * * * * *

I am so happy to receive all this information prior to my commitment to of nearly $20,000 to a dentist that I don't know well. The book has given me the tools to ask the right questions. Thank You.

R. Lem Los Angeles, CA * * * * *

I had no idea that my sleep apnea was related to my bite. No dentist or physician ever gave me this information. I think I will buy an extra copy of this book for my doctor so he can help other patients. The information in this book has saved my life. God bless you.

P. Brown Newport Beach, CA * * * * *

Aug 7, 2012

Despre autor

Dr. Nazeri is the CEO/Founder of Cornerstone Dentistry, a leading five star group dental practice with offices throughout southern California. Dr. Nazeri is a 1990 graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry and has completed over 2200 hours of postgraduate training in areas of complex cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Nazeri is a fellow of International Congress of Implantology and has trained more than 800 dentists since 2002 in the areas of Comprehensive Dentistry and Practice Management. Dr. Nazeri has been a former faculty at both USC and UCLA Schools of Dentistry. He maintains a private practice both in Irvine and Palm Desert, California.

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Smart Spending on Your Teeth- the Smart Series - Allen Nazeri

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My father, who inspired me to follow in his footsteps and have high ethical integrity when treating patients

My mother, who taught me how to love and care for others

My wife, who always believed in me and taught me patience

My sister, from whom I learned hard work and persistence

My patients, who allowed me to perfect my profession and enriched my life in ways that I could not imagine

My employees, who supported me in my vision


There are many people who I like to thank for making this book possible. First, I like to thank my wife for always in believing in me and allowing me to spend countless hours in drafting, writing and giving life to this project. I also like to thank my good friend and colleague, Dr. Philip Chin for his constant encouragement to finish this book. Much appreciation to Mr. Terry Kennedy for assisting and initial editing of this book. I like to also thank Mr. David Villardi, creative director for DearDoctor, as well as the implant companies such as Nobel Bicoare, Bicon, MIS, Straumann, Astra and Zimmer implant companies for use of their logos in the book.

I like to thank my friends, both Steve Johnsen and Chris Hunter for the initial design and mock up of this book.

I also like to thank the following individuals for their pictures that was portrayed in the book, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Dennis Washington, Ms. Betty Summner, Mrs. Shiela Salehi, Mr. Paul Hayward. I like to apologize for those names that I may have accidentally left out.

The doctor of the future will give no

medicine, but will interest his patients

in the care of the human frame, and in

the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison


How to Pick Your Dentist

Taking really good care of our teeth is one of the most urgent, absolutely necessary things we do in life. Without a healthy mouth full of beautiful teeth, we cannot possibly savor the true joy of a sound body and a marvelous life. Our dental condition affects all of our body’s processes, most importantly our immune system, which is absolutely essential to the well being of our entire system.

Fortunately, our teeth are extremely powerful and are consistent at reminding us to take good care of them—very few types of pain are as severe as the common toothache. Deep inside of every person a natural alarm system resides; it is the human’s set of warning signals that let us know how very important it is to take care of our bodies. Just below the conscious level, we always know that taking care of ourselves by eating right, cleaning and grooming the entire body, getting plenty of exercise, going for checkups, and taking the proper remedies are extremely important to a long, enjoyable life.

Taking care of ourselves is not just some set of arbitrary rules that people have forced on us; we can actually feel the signals from our teeth if we are at all aware of ourselves. Our tongues actually signal us when it’s time to brush or floss as they flick around investigating our mouths. If we learn to pay attention to our gums, letting us know that they are a bit scrungy, we discover it’s a truly extraordinary system. With a bit of self-awareness, we always know that our teeth are there working with us, telling us exactly what to do.

Because our teeth are so finely laced with warning signals, we know that outside, professional care is a very important part of taking care of them. We know that handling that dental care must be placed in good hands. There are very many considerations, and we live in such a busy world, so finding our dental care professional can seem like an overwhelming task.

Traditionally, when dentistry was limited to very simple procedures like extractions, drilling teeth and then filling them, and so forth, turning to family and friends for input in finding help was the most widely used method for choosing one’s dentist. However, as the profession has become more complex and treatment options have expanded, more and more patients are sadly finding out that family tips about practitioners may not be suitable to their needs.

Now, in the twenty-first century, we are at an amazing threshold in all parts of taking care of our bodies with the aid of the medical professions—and dental is in no way an exception when it comes to amazing scientific advancement. We now have matured to a modern, progressive dentistry unlike anything that was ever in place before this new millennium.

In this new era, no matter what territory one must traverse to fulfill his or her dental requirements, the frontiers are new, robust, exciting, and overloaded with information. The modern, progressive dentistry encompasses much more than common tooth repair, and, naturally, the progressive dentists have moved light-years past the old position of simply being tooth mechanics. This new tidal wave of dentistry is grounded in the ability to make sweeping changes to a person’s entire life—these being remarkable changes as important as any that can be made.

The modern, progressive dentistry restores beauty and function so profoundly that it elevates a person’s confidence and effuses their entire state of being with a newly elevated emotional joie de vivre, a newfound excitement with life. The effects are so remarkable that television producers have picked up on the excitement in shows such as the ABC hit Extreme Makeover, broadcasting this phenomenon of the modern, progressive, cosmetic dentistry to a huge, broad sector of the population.

As patients, we have become very proactive about our dental care and are looking for that perfect and healthy smile most people envy: the big, beautiful flash of ivories seen on television or in magazine advertisements.

So, the obvious question immediately arises: how do we really know who is going to be the right dentist for building our blueprints? When flipping open any phone directory or running a search engine on the Internet, there are literally thousands of practitioners claiming that they are cosmetic dentists, implant specialists, TMJ practitioners, and so forth. The advertising is everywhere and is overwhelming unless one already knows what to look for when enlisting a practitioner.

Many dentists will list their memberships in dental organizations, but a problem arises. Using their memberships as a criterion for choice gives no real sense of what is actually happening at the dental practice today. The dentist may belong to the group simply as a banner for impressing upon consumers the legitimacy of the practice. Professional groups may offer excellent seminars for the members, but they may also be primarily social networks or sources for sales and marketing tips, or can merely be offering impressive-sounding titles as part of the dentist’s marketing tools.

However, there are other ways for evaluating a dentist who is not only familiar with, but competent at, the services being considered. Education and years of experience are generally the benchmarks that we evaluate when searching for a dentist. However, it is very important to remember that this across-the-board criterion alone will not give any real-world insight into the true merit of a dentist. Sweeping statements do not let you know if a person is totally qualified to provide the security you desire.

If educational plaques and years of experience were the only criterion one needed to evaluate whether a dental professional is capable of running a professional practice or not, then could we safely assume that a dentist who graduated from Harvard and has been in practice for fifteen years is more qualified than a dentist who went to the University of Iowa and who has been in practice only ten years?

Actually, that assumption does not necessarily hold water. Even though both dental schools have great reputations, each university offers a different emphasis in its programs as well as unique areas of specialization. The various schools’ offerings are contingent on many factors but most important are their partnerships and other sources of funding, both from nonprofit trusts and corporate programs. Even though graduate students may have DDS or DMD in front of their names, each dentist has been involved in programs unique to his or her school.

This exclusive knowledge is not immediately transparent to the public. I have compared my own dental training at Creighton with those curriculums at both USC and UCLA during the same period of time, and I can tell you that there is a huge difference in the exposure of students to different areas of clinical dentistry at each of the schools.

In the end, a person searching out a new dentist or investigating his or her own dentist—which, by the way, is a very beneficial undertaking—must take all the credentials on the wall and the significant-sounding memberships with a grain of salt. Even weighty factors such as years of experience can be misleading. Suppose that the dentist has simply slogged along without new trainings and seminars and has less than professional habits. Signs and symbols by themselves do not signify a healthy practice.

However, several key factors will offer up immediate, valuable insight. The first and most natural trail of insights is found at the dentists’ offices and

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