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Cures for Cash

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Cures for Cash

Până la Lynne Martin

Lungime: 530 pagini7 ore


Dr. Marcus Clifford has resigned himself to continuing the underground medical clinic unexpectedly willed to him upon his uncles death. Unfortunately, the Changeroom Clinic has not only cost him his marriage, but also his prominent medical career; now he is disgraced and a social pariah. Seemingly destined to complete his lifes work among the bowels of society, Dr. Clifford precariously balances roles as chief surgeon, supply clerk, and after-hours janitor, dolefully treating the uninsured and downtrodden in his neighborhood.

Behind closed doors of the basement clinic, Dr. Cliffords assistant and bodyguard, Tony DeMarco, fights a daily battle to keep some semblance of order as violent, sexually exploited, and drug-addicted patients wait side-by-side for limited care. As the disastrous results of unethical plastic surgeries begin to flood the clinic, along with the usual complaints of broken limbs and lacerated tissue, Dr. Clifford is assisted by his former colleagues, Nurse Olga Heinz and Dr. Martin Hood. Yet even as the clinics waiting room bursts with a diverse group of characters who desperately need help, Dr. Cliffords dwindling energy forces him to reevaluate his abilities.

In this compelling tale, a once-respected physician now known as a slum doctor must battle his own inner demons as he secretly wonders how much longer he can remain true to his Hippocratic oath.

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