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72 pages
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Apr 15, 2013


Elizabeth tells us a true story that begins heart breaking with a touch of humor. She opens up her heart in hopes of helping other people that have felt or feel the same way she did, INVISIBLE, to know they are not alone. Hoping that parents will recognize if they have a child feeling as she did, so they can reach out and correct it.

Elizabeth tells us how it feels to be the other child as her family struggles with her little brothers medical problems. The pain of being the other child, having to make sacrifice after sacrifice, and the sorrow she felt when her parents made family choices that she felt were not fair to her

Find out what made Elizabeth feel INVISIBLE, and how she turned her feelings and emotions into a desire to reach out to the world to help families and children that live with Autism and Epilepsy.
Apr 15, 2013

Despre autor

I started my life in Florida. I later moved to Michigan, and then Mom and Dad relocated us to North Carolina. I don’t know where life will take my family next, if I move again it will be another unexpected adventure. It is a requirement that I have free time everyday. In my free time I enjoy skateboarding and listening to music, riding my bike and listening to music, reading, playing on the computer and did I mention that I like listening to music. I often use my free time to do my nails or try new hairstyles. I have my own unique style of clothing. I’m not someone that pays attention to what the newest fashion is. I like to wear what I like, because I like it. My love for reading, and going on adventures through reading, led me to writing my own adventures. INVISIBLE came as a result of my writing my displaced emotions and wanting to help others that may be living a life-adventure, much like I am.

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Invisible - Elizabeth Koller


© 2013 Elizabeth Koller. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse 4/11/2013

ISBN: 978-1-4817-3967-2 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4817-3966-5 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2013906591

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Table of Contents

Special Acknowledgments

Chapter I Introduction

Chapter II I Don’t Have Time Elizabeth

Chapter III Anthony has Epilepsy

Chapter IV Therapist, Hospital Visits and More Doctors

Chapter V Here We Go Again!

Chapter VI Anthony Has AUTISM!

Chapter VII I Don’t Want to Go!

Chapter VIII Michigan

Chapter IX What Can I Do

Chapter X Dad We Need to Talk

Chapter XI I Hadn’t Given It a Thought

Chapter XII Final Thoughts

About the Author

Special Acknowledgments

I would like to say thank you to Gloria Tingle (my grandmother - Munna) and Brenda Lengyel (my aunt) for the editing of my book. A special thank you for my Munna for always encouraging me in everything I do, she told me no goal is unreachable all you have to do is try.

I would also like to thank my little brother Anthony Koller (Bobo). You are an awesome brother, and I am grateful for that. You taught me to see the world through a different set of eyes, and that things aren’t what they always seem on the surface. I love you, and together we can make a difference.

Chapter I


My name is Elizabeth, and I’m 10 years old. I have a bundle of feelings inside that I want to get out, so I decided the best way to do this is to write it.

This book, I hope, will help people that feel invisible know they are not alone, but also to ask them to look around, don’t be shallow, stop thinking only of yourself and take in the whole picture. Something I hope I can help you see better after reading my book.

Also, for parents that have a situation like what I’m writing about. I hope that you will have a better understanding of what the other child (this is what I heard doctors often ask my mother about me, and what about your other child) may be going through, feeling and not saying. I hope what I’m sharing will help you recognize the actions, facial expressions or distance that your child has placed between you and them. I hope you reach out with a new understanding.

My understanding that I was feeling invisible came to me after my family moved to Michigan, a place I didn’t want to go but had to, because my parents told me that my little brother could get better medical attention there.

I was born in Florida and for the most part enjoyed my life with my mother, grandmother (I call her Munna), great grandmother (I call her GiGi) and my little brother (his name is Anthony, but we call him Bobo). My dad became a part of our life when I was about 4 or 5 years old. He isn’t my dad by blood, but he is my dad by actions. He is awesome! I’m very glad that he met my mom and chose us to be a family together.

We lived in a small town with our two cats, our dog, named Nefertiti, but dad calls her furball because she has a ton of hair. She is a sheep dog. We got her about two years ago. Dad said that somebody threw her mom out of a car. He rescued her, took her to the vet to make sure she was alright and found out that she was going to have puppies soon. About 3 weeks later, she gave birth to 8 puppies, 3 of the puppies didn’t make it, that was sad, and we found great homes for all the other puppies and their mom. All of the puppies accept one, our Nefertiti.

My mom has a Pomeranian she calls Isis. She is very beautiful and unique. Her coat is black and white, and she is so cute. Dad says, She looks like a little skunk.

So, we have a really big dog, a really small dog and two cats. Mom says the cats rule the roost. My cat is whiner. She’s all black, and yes she whines a lot that’s why we named her that. Then there’s Feisty, and yes his name fits him.

It’s kind of like a zoo; my mom loves animals so much. She takes in sick animals and keeps them away from our animals until they’re better; then finds great

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