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The Totality of Now: 30 Techniques to Achieve Inner Peace and Live in the Now

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The Totality of Now: 30 Techniques to Achieve Inner Peace and Live in the Now

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The Totality of Now30 techniques to achieve inner peace and live in the now is a book of psychological techniques to achieve inner peace. Renowned clinical psychologist Dr Melanie OShea shares a broad range of practical, simple techniques to enjoy life now. She reinforces the fact that life is short, and it is not a dress rehearsal. She reminds us that we do not go on living indefinitely and that we need to be more aware of this reality and use this knowledge to create a fulfilling life. Dr OShea presents strategies to live a happier life, achieve inner peace, and live in the now. She believes it is imperative to make a commitment to our spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing. This guide is filled with strategies to think more rationally, resolve resentment, increase positive activities, appreciate the simple things in life, set short- and long-term goals, and so on. Making the commitment to improve and maintain your wellbeing can be considered an essential to life, such as eating or sleeping. Make maintaining your wellbeing a part of your life from now on. Live the totality of now, achieve some inner peace, and enjoy your life right now.
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