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One American’S Opinion: For Patriots Who Love Their Country

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One American’S Opinion: For Patriots Who Love Their Country

Până la R. Lynn Wilson

Lungime: 885 pagini14 ore


The America we love is under siege from the progressive movement. Progressives want to tear down traditional American values and banish our Constitution. Why would they want to do this when Americans have historically enjoyed the most personal opportunity, the most personal freedom, the best standard of living and the best personal safety in the entire world? Traditional American values and governance under the existing Constitution do not allow progressives the ability to implement their utopian-based Marxist ideology, which ultimately gives them the power and autocratic control over American society they desire.

One Americans Opinion is a hard-hitting patriotic book that exposes successful and non-successful progressive efforts by the federal government and others in taking control of our country since the Obama administration has been in power. The resulting implications for American society are comprehensively analyzed. The areas examined include: government operation, regulation, and policy; foreign policy and national security; the mainstream news media; and the political correctness movement overtaking our country. The in-depth analysis of this progressive activity will shock you. The book concludes by evaluating and predicting the future of America based upon the authors three years of research and his personal opinion.

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