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A Chronological Story of Jesus' Life

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The story of Jesus' life was told by four ordinary men who wrote either from their own memories of Jesus, or from what they had been told. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote their accounts - the gospels - many years after the events they described actually happened. As a result, even though all four gospels covered the main events in the Lord's life, each one is somewhat different. Those differences can sometimes cause confusion for the reader. Furthermore, the gospels reflect the lifestyle and customs of those long-ago times, and their references to those foreign ways also can confuse or put off modern-day readers.
In this volume, Don H., a devout Christian of forty years and a non-denominational minister, clears up much of that confusion with his conversational plain-English commentary, which is sprinkled throughout his excellent re-arrangement of the four gospels into a single readable story.

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