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Five for the Trail

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Five for the Trail

Până la Mark L. Redmond

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For nearly twenty years, Mark L. Redmond had been telling stories about the old West to young readers. Finally hes turning his attention to big kids. Heres a collection of some of his best stories, including three that were unpublished until now. Redmonds stories are not typical tales of shootouts and quick draws. In his unique way, he has created some delightful characters who choose to outsmart their opponents instead of out-shooting them. Redmond is the author of the six-book middle grade series, The Adventures of Arty Anderson (Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, Tennessee). His story The Spittoon was a finalist in the 2010 Moonlight Mesa competition; The Switch appeared in a storytellers edition of Grit magazine; and The Reward was published in Elbow Creek. Mark and his wife Susie are workampers. They live in a motor home and work in camp resort parks from Indiana to Arizona. Together they have six children and nine grandchildren.

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