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How to Do Your Own Bas and Save Thousands in Fees

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How to Do Your Own BAS and Save Thousands in Fees is the first of Accounts Unpluggeds accounting series. Renelo believes in helping people to the best of his abilities by giving you the tools and resources to help you control and manage your own finances by organising your accounts. As the Australian Taxation Office makes it easier for businesses to comply with their BAS obligations, the middlemenBAS and tax agentswill soon become redundant. Their services will eventually focus on complex tax scenarios and strategies that target specific clientele. Matters on basic BAS and tax compliance for businesses can be handled by contacting the Australian Taxation Office directly rather than by using an agent. As you do your part in maintaining good and accurate records, you will be able to prepare and lodge your own BAS easily. In the process, you save thousands in accounting fees.

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