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The Strategic Mind… What Does It Take?

The Strategic Mind… What Does It Take?


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The Strategic Mind… What Does It Take?


63 pages
35 minutes
Nov 28, 2011


Ntsikie is a management consultant whose area of focus is strategy development, facilitation and implementation using various management practices, techniques and tools. She has experience working with public, private and NGO sectors, including facilitation with Boards of Directors. She is an avid practitioner of business excellence models and has proven track record applying her skills.
Nov 28, 2011

Despre autor

Ever wonder why your dreams and your realities are worlds apart? Ever wonder why you are the only person that takes you seriously when you in fact know how absolutely smart you are? Ever wonder what value you are adding...any where? Ever wonder why you are not willing to live your life as a ‘potential’ something good, having a deep hunger to make your thoughts come to life? This handbook is for people who think a lot but who don’t like text books. Who have a strategic outlook towards life and want to create order out of the many ideas they have. Though very far from being a text book, it certainly does get one started on the basics. There are certain fundamentals you need to know about, a few principles you need to embrace, a little bit of orderly thinking coupled with a whole lot of faith in the mind you’ve been given and an appetite for risk to succeed! If that’s you, then this is your book.

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The Strategic Mind… What Does It Take? - NK


Copyright © 2011 by Ntsikie Kote.

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                   Ebook                                      978-1-4568-3969-7

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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The dilemma

The other side of the coin— The Heartless Organization

What is Strategy?

Part A The Basics—Content and Process

Part B Fundamentals for the strategic mind— the way to think

Part C The principles

Part D Practical part of the discussion



The flow of this handbook is as follows

1)  The Context—what is the dilemma that prompted this discussion?

2)  What we know—basic strategic planning content and process

3)  The perceived gap—what is missing and what will it take, what solutions is the book suggesting?

4)  Allows the reader to reflect on a more practical personal strategy.

The reader should note that the use of the word entity is broad and is meant to cover organizations and individuals. It is my sincere hope that the reader will find the principles discussed value adding, applicable and customizable to both themselves and their organization(s).

The dilemma

What is the dilemma? Allow me to take you through my thinking.

There is a proliferation of knowledge on strategy, in fact, so much knowledge available on every corporate success subject. The question is with so much available, why do we still experience such appalling performance results when it comes to application, particularly on the ‘people’ side? Mediocre delivery and execution of duties is common place in most parts of the corporate world, all this in an age when we have more access to resource materials than generations preceding us. My sense is that we don’t need another book on strategy, just another perspective.

The first part of this handbook addresses basic information on strategy, which mostly appeals to the intellect whilst the second addresses the dynamics that plague the human psyche associated with human behaviour. We all know that what people say and what they believe are two very different things. No amount of books or workshops can transform an unwilling human mind. It takes more. It takes a positive identification of the point of convergence between an individual worker’s awareness of their professional contribution

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