The Deep State Network

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The Deep State Network

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Generally, there are loopholes to be found that can get you around any legal document.

Even the Constitution of the United States.

And Democratic President Taylor Jackson plans to use one to stay in power after a second term.

But the Commander-in-Chief will need help from the biased media for the gambit to work. In particular, one liberal network that is run by a member of the Deep State.

Despite the fact that the 22nd Amendment prohibits a President from serving more than two terms, Jackson has no desire to leave office after nearly eight years. What lies ahead is a popular Republican candidate who will be a slam-dunk to win the November election… and undo every single executive action taken by President Jackson. And for a Commander-in-Chief who holds the record for most executive actions, that's unacceptable.

When Jackson's Chief of Staff discovers the loophole, it sets in motion a turn of events that upends the country and the presidential campaign in the process. The Deep State Network acts as the public relations wing for the President.

President Jackson doesn't care, preferring to fiddle while the country burns. As long as said fiddling can take place in the Oval Office. Besides, the Commander-in-Chief has total control of the biased mainstream media and one particular reporter who is being blackmailed.

Will anyone be able to stop the rogue President and the network controlled by the White House?

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