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Staking His Claim

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Staking His Claim

Până la Winter Sloane

Evaluare: 3.5 din 5 stele3.5/5 (6 stele)
Lungime: 88 pagini1 oră


Ryker: I first laid eyes on her ten years ago, naked, bloody, and thrown away in a black garbage bag. The moment she gripped my leg and didn’t let go, I knew. I’d kill three men for this woman, even my own fucking brother. No guilt. No remorse. Sky is mine. And letting her go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Sky: Ryker tore my heart right in the middle years ago when I told him I loved him. For years, we’ve kept our distance but he’s the first man I call when I’m knee deep in trouble. Ryker’s killed for me and he’ll do it again. He’s feared by his enemies, respected by the other members of the Severin Familia. To me, he’s always been one thing. My man.

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