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The Australian Peer Support Mandate 2nd Edition

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The Australian Peer Support Mandate 2nd Edition

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The Australian Peer Support Mandate is a complete resource manual outlining the better management of the mentally ill within policy, legislation, guidelines and initiative mainframes to achieve a holistic changing of the mental health system around recovering well from a lived issue. To provide such individuals experiencing mental illness with a greater likelihood of a sustained recovery and endearing life, resilient with hope, as being the core premise of this particular philosophical, remedial and justice text. To support parliamentary inquiries into the better treatment of the mentally ill; in regards to reducing suicide rates and mortality rates, minimalising abuse and ensuring that patient rights are maintained and upheld whilst providing transparency and means of support, education and services for those such disenfranchised individuals.

To provide community-based services in empowering such individuals and all Australians towards one of wellness, well-being, mental health and overall physical, emotional, socio-economic and spiritual well-being.

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