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7 Short Erotic Stories

7 Short Erotic Stories

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7 Short Erotic Stories

2.5/5 (9 evaluări)
159 pages
2 hours
Nov 7, 2018


Every story in this bundle pack is extreme hardcore, catering for every taste and fetish, a true connoisseurs delight; gang bangs and group sex, extreme role play, butt sex and ass worship, humiliation and degradation, water sports, fisting, lingerie fetish play and red hot graphically detailed hardcore fucking. This content may only be suitable for those who delight in reading true xxx

Nov 7, 2018

Despre autor

I started writing stories when I was twelve years old. I wrote essays, articles and and over a million words of nonfiction before turning to fiction in 2015. I watched erotic romance authors having way too much fun, and after writing my first erotic romance, I was hooked.I write about Married man and the women who lust after them, Virgin Girls, Truckers etc. Don’t worry, ladies, there’s enough to go around!.I live in Philippines and like to travel, reading, and eating good chocolate and I love hearing from my readers.

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7 Short Erotic Stories - Maya Banks

7 Short Erotic Stories

Cute Young Girls in Gang Fucking, Fisting, Water Sports, C&BT, Lingerie, Fetish Sex and Degradation

Maya Banks


All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including scanning, photocopying, or otherwise without prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Age and Consent Disclaimer:

All characters contained in this work are Fictions




The Hotel Girl’sConfession

Dirty and Depraved"


FourBoys Fucked Me

I Tried to Stop Him

Group Banged

The first time my ex-boyfriend even mentioned fisting my first thoughts weren’t good; and that’s putting it mildly. I looked at him with an expression that could kill from fifty yards away.

What the fuck! I hissed Have you gone crazy?

I must admit I love kinky sex, especially anything to do with ass-sex and maybe that’s why he suggested the fisting idea because he thought I’d go for anything, but the thought of fisting scares the hell out of me. I just can’t imagine a clenched fist being pushed inside my pussy; it’s disgusting. I continued to quiz him on why he’d even mentioned the subject.

Why do you want to do something like that to me, you can fuck me anyway you want, we have a great sex life, but honestly, Nikk, fisting scares me shitless.

If you loved me you’d let me do it to you, babe.

No way….I am not even sure that I could relax enough to even let you get your fist inside me, you know I’m small and tight…..

Baby, it will be fine, just relax, we will work up to it…No rush, let’s just try.

He went on and on about it but I needed time to think and if I did agree I needed even more time to figure out how the hell my tight pussy would take his large fist inside it without ripping apart. Of course I’d heard of fisting before but it was something right off target for me, like those freaks who like to tie each other up or piss on each other; it’s sick. You got to be sick in the head to do shit like that. As I say, I love kinky sex, hard and nasty, and I can push the limits like most people but not fisting. No way.

My name is Lina, I’m 21 years old and a slim girl with a small body shape apart from my boobs; they are a good handful for any guy and I’ve never had any complaints in that department. My small stature makes me noticeable, and I like the fact that I can wear heels and still look petite and cute. The only problem is that I don’t look my age, possibly because of my size, but I could easily pass for a young teen.

Whenever I go to bars or clubs everyone thinks I’m not old enough to go in; it’s fun. I have longish blonde hair, my eyes are twinkling blue, and as I said, my tittys are over-sized and my nipples are pert and pink. I shave off my pubic hair since I think hairless down there is much cleaner, not only for a guy going down on me, but also because I like the hair-free look.

My boyfriend is a big guy. He has to be over six foot tall and has a heavy muscle-toned build. His black hair, thick chest hair, and toned tight body make it hard to believe he is pushing forty five years old. His name is Nikk and I love him. We have been together almost two years and last year we moved in together. I think we are in love.

I have always dated older guys, a surrogate daddy figure. The guy before Nikk was a daddy too, but even older, and the only reason we broke up was because he was the type who liked to play the field, fuck around; I don’t like a man cheating on me. I had to leave him.

Nikk is a colleague in the same office building; I work in the offices for a nationwide wholesalers, he works in the sales shop. We enjoy the good life together; travel, nice restaurants, plenty of nights out and plenty of shopping. I must say he treats me very good. I am very femme and he likes the way I look, talk and act in public towards him.

When I met him there was instant chemistry right from the first minute. He asked me out and I couldn’t refuse, maybe I was still feeling low after my ex and had nothing to lose. I must say that he can control me and I like that. I love the power he has over me, now and also probably back then when we first met, without me even realizing it.

The first date we had we met at a bar near his house and had a few drinks together along with some sliders, talked and laughed and then went our own ways when the place closed. We went out a couple of times before he actually invited me to go over to his house, I was easy to persuade, no need to sweet talk me into anything as I’d wanted him so bad that when he asked I jumped at the chance.

We walked back, sat and had a coffee in his lounge and then went to his bed room. I wanted him so badly; it had been months since I’d had any cock. I tiptoed up and kissed him, my hand rubbing his cock through his pants. I unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his hairy chest and rock solid shoulders as he gently cupped my breasts through my sweater. It was unusual for me to take the lead like that.

But I was on fire; I wanted to suck his dick, taste him for the first time, and get him nice and hard so that we could fuck all night long.

Lets lay down. I whispered Let me strip you off.

He lay on the bed and I immediately unzipped his jeans and tugged them off, and then his boxers; he was completely naked and I couldn’t wait a second longer, went down on him and started sucking his cock. My lips pushed deep around his throbbing shaft until I almost choked on its size as it touched the back of my throat. His thighs were wide open, his hands were on the back of my head, holding me there, and I loved it; his dick hard in my mouth and his big hairy ball bag in my hand as I squeezed and rolled his nuts around between my fingers.

He reached over and pulled me on top of him in a 69 position; I was still clothed but I could feel his mouth and tongue nibbling at me through my panties. He pulled them to one side and his finger slipped into my pussy, exploring me, moving around in short up and down movements; his big strong cock still buried deep in my throat.

Take everything off, babe He moaned I want you completely naked for me….I gotta look at you.

I was naked in seconds flat, throwing my clothes anywhere as I ripped them off.

Just fuck me….. I begged.

He had lube in the side locker and he handed it to me and I eagerly smoothed it on his shaft and cock-head, playing with his stiffness as I creamed him up. There was no need to grease my hole, pussy or ass; I was open and rampant, desperate to have him inside me no matter which one he wanted to use.

He turned me over on to my back and with his powerful arms he raised my legs like they were lightweight and rested them over his shoulders, poked his tool at my entrance, pushed and inched his swollen cock-head into my ass. Shit, it felt good; I was so pleased that he’d wanted to butt-fuck me, he must be on the same freak-waved as me I thought as I felt his meat probing deeper, agonizing me with a delightful combination of burning pleasure.

I loved the feeling of being stretched open by the thick girth of his weapon as he moved his cock in circular strokes deep and hard so I could feel his balls slap my ass. He grabbed my nipples and pinched them as he continued to root me. Our first time to fuck and it was blowing me away; sordid and dirty, no romantic build up, just two sex-crazed freaks rutting like wild animals.

The lube eased the friction and enhanced the orgasmic bolts of lightning I was feeling flash through my body, made even stronger by him squeezing and twisting my stiff sensitive nipples. The feeling of being held down and ravaged by a man twice my age and size and the wild look in his eyes was driving me crazy. I reached down for his nuts and started playing them, rubbing them round in my hand, feeling them jump and stiffen between my fingers.

He powered down into me, his sweat falling from his forehead and dripping down onto my tits as he jerked and humped me to orgasm. It hadn’t taken me more than a few minutes to cum, weeks of pent up frustration oozing out of my cunt and trickling between my thighs and down onto the bed sheets below us.

Don't cum in my ass …. I want to taste you. I gasped, sensing that he was soon to follow.

And he was quick to follow; he pulled his cock out and forced it up against my mouth as he erupted and his cum blast spurted into my open mouth as my tongue reached out to lick the end of his cock, swallowing every creamy droplet that he gave me.

He finished noisily and slumped down beside me and lay on his back, his arms and legs spread eagled, gasping for breath, his chest rising and falling, a string of dirty obscenities coming from his mouth. He was a dirt-ball and I loved it; I moved down over his belly, cupped his balls and licked them, one by one, sucking on them, hearing him sigh with pleasure behind my back.

That was our first time in bed together and as good as it was, it was nothing compared to what we did to each other over the following months; we did everything, well almost everything. I draw the line at some things, but not too many and Nikk likes that in me.

He was the one who got me hooked on porn, sitting in his place together on the sofa, my hand wrapped round his prick and his fingers teasing my cunt as we watched hour after hour of hardcore erotica as a prelude to going to bed and copying everything we had just watched.

I know it sounds mad but the best times for me were when we role played. It could be anything, something that we’d just watched and copied, or something we’d heard friends of ours talking about. We also went dogging; having sex in public car parks, hoping to be watched, fucking like street dogs in his car with a face pushed up against the window watching everything we did. It was times like that that I loved the most, being exposed to a stranger, letting him watch me getting fucked; times like that I had my strongest ever orgasms.

Nikk and me both drink to excess; it’s part of our lifestyle. I get drunk, maybe more than he does, and sex during those times beats anything we do to each other when we are stone cold sober. We drink almost every night, sometimes far too excessively; when I’m drunk I become a cock-crazed bitch, and Nikk loves it.

It was about two months ago now when Nikk came back home with his workmate, Gordy. I like Gordy, he’s the office joker, a good looking kid of my age. I didn’t suspect what they had planned for me that night; it was a one off, we never repeated it again, but they double teamed me. I didn’t expect it to happen but didn’t object either.

I’d had group sex before, me and a couple of guys, but always they’d taken me in turns, not both together like Nikk and Gordy did. It was beautiful; laying down on top of one of them with the other on top of me, both entrances rammed full of fast moving man-meat, pounding into me, driving me half crazy with desire, giving me orgasm after orgasm, and then finally sucking hard on two big spurting cocks and drinking my due rewards as they stood before me, showering me with their ball cream. As I say, I’m not sure why but Nikk never brought Gordy back for a repeat performance but I wish he had.

But now my guy expects me to let him experiment again; fisting this time. He keeps on about it as if it’s the most important thing in the world to him. I know why; we watched a movie where the girl was kidnapped by a gang of street toughs and abused in all sorts of ways, one of the ways was by being

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