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Până la S.A. Wallace

Lungime: 272 pagini4 ore


This is the third and final volume of the Mirrored Worlds trilogy about two planets, separated by light years that are both populated by the people of earth.
One is on the verge of self imposed extinction on a world that has slipped into technological darkness. They are desperate to figure out how to use a long abandoned satellite array in an attempt to make contact with their ancestors on another world that they only recently found out existed. Dying from a genetically induced inability to produce antibodies, they discover that the only cure is waiting in the blood of their ancient ancestors.
The other world discovered ancient writings hidden in a desert. The man who financed the dig had long ago received a hoard of ancient devices that he was convinced could help him overcome a medical condition that placed him in a wheelchair. He used his immense wealth to hire experts from nearly every discipline of science to break the code of the mysterious texts and to determine how to operate the devices. When they discovered that the origin of both were related and probably came from an alien source, they would pull out all the stops to complete the tasks assigned by their boss.
Both were desperate to achieve their goals but for different reasons. Both were bound together across time and space to accomplish the impossible but neither knew for sure that the other still existed.
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