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When Shape Is The Subject

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When Shape Is The Subject

Până la Alexia Scott

Lungime: 76 pagini28 minute


Creating a painting requires the juggling of many elements of art. A better understanding of the element of shape may be the most essential in controlling your painting. Work along with me or just follow the images as I create "Harper's Ferry". “Shapes are found in landscapes and cityscapes. The edges of your shape is often all you need to make a single image that your brain recognizes; however, building a complex painting with interlocking and overlapping shapes requires some thought. I hope you will enjoy learning how to paint Harper’s Ferry, WV, with pastels and a few other examples. In this lesson we will work with color, line, shapes and an introduction to Liner Perspective.”

Excerpt From: Alexia Scott, MFA. “When Shape Is The Subject.” iBooks.

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