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How to Sell Anything: What the Best Salespeople Know, Do, and Say

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How to Sell Anything: What the Best Salespeople Know, Do, and Say

Până la Jeremy Cassell și Tom Bird

Lungime: 340 pagini5 ore


Beat your sales target every time with the UK’s bestselling book on sales—How to Sell Anything (previously titled Brilliant Selling). Whether you are a novice salesperson just breaking into the industry or a tested veteran waiting to take the next step, these pages will show you how to instantly improve your performance and get you started on the path toward success you’ve always dreamed of and beyond.

These sales professionals know what works and will arm you with all the trade secrets necessary to guarantee your continued success. Their pragmatic advice and dynamic sales tips will keep you one step ahead of the field, and most importantly, one step ahead of the customer.

Find out how you can use your personality to perfect your sales technique and reach a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of customer needs. You will learn this secret and countless other strategies such as:

Developing your personal “brand”
Time management and the planning process
Setting the right goals
Foundations of effective influencing
Asking the right questions
Collaborative negotiation
Prospecting with purpose
Appeals to the customer and persuasive delivery
Managing relationships
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