Inspector Hadley The Tower of London Murders

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Inspector Hadley The Tower of London Murders

Până la Peter Child

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They followed the Sergeant, in sombre mood, through the Middle Tower and along to the Byward Tower, then passed Traitors Gate before turning left, passing through the arch of the Bloody Tower and up the slope to the White Tower.
“It’s the devils work, sir” said Collins as they approached the steps leading up to the imposing door of the Tower.
“We’re prepared, Sergeant” replied Hadley and Collins nodded before murmuring “I hope you are, sir” as they entered the building. There were two constables, pale faced and looking anxious, standing at the end of the great hall by the doorway that led down to the armoury. They both nodded and murmured “sir” to Hadley before he and Cooper followed Collins down the well worn steps to the large room below. They were horrified by what they saw in the flickering gas light.
“Good God Almighty” whispered Hadley while Cooper stood silent and transfixed as they observed the scene from hell. Before them was the decapitated body of an army officer, slumped against an executioners block. The head was some feet away on the blood soaked stone floor, with its mouth open and eyes staring. The executioner’s axe was still embedded in the block after the fatal blow had been struck and was covered in blood.

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