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Perfect 10 Paranormal Romance Plots #19-4 "FORBIDDEN LOVE – MODERN ROMANCE": Premium Pre-Made Story Writing Template System

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Dr. Abe Simmons is a well-known oncologist in Boston. He looks after patients with a very unforgiving form of the big “C” – ovarian cancer. When he sees Hilda Demeter for the first time, she has been diagnosed with the disease. She has thirty-percent chance of survival. However, Hilda is also plagued with a heart murmur, which will add more risk to her surgery. But courage is Hilda’s middle name. She goes under the knife and her surgeon is pleased to tell her that he was able to remove all of the cancer tumors lingering in her abdominal cavity. She should be able to recover from the ordeal in the next six months. Throughout the treatment and the ensuing recovery, Dr. Simmons sees Hilda regularly. She always looks forward to her visits. She soon falls for the handsome Dr. Simmons. However, this is “forbidden love” for both of them. Will Abe and Hilda allow themselves to love each other before life and disease take their toll on the lovely Miss Demeter?

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The One and Only Perfect 10 Plots Signature "Scene by Scene" detailed breakdowns that guide you step-by-step to "put some meat on the bones" and create an absolutely unforgettable story!

Character Descriptions: A list of the main characters (including the protagonist and antagonist) - fully described. These characters are well-developed but not complete... leaving you plenty of room to personalize them.

Details on Settings and Locations: This describes in detail where the story takes place. As you read this, you'll feel as if you're right in the scene of the story! (making it easy for you to put yourself inside the story, customize it and produce unique works of art)

Enough "raw ingredients" to write a full-length story that is truly your creation (completely designed and imagined by you)!

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