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A Case of Cold Feet: An Emma Cassidy Mystery, #6

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It should have been the perfect wedding until the groom-to-be jilts his fiancée at the rehearsal dinner...and turns up dead the next morning.

Emma Cassidy is doing what she does best—organizing a wedding. But there’s tension in the atmosphere, and Emma can’t shake an uneasy feeling about this match. 

Trent Chalmers leads a charmed life—handsome and wealthy, heir to the famous Maravilla winery, and about to tie the knot with Alice Bartolo, his childhood sweetheart. Trent is a man who has it all. Until he jilts his fiancée in front of everyone at their rehearsal dinner...and turns up dead the next morning.

As Emma helps the bereaved families, she’s drawn into the mystery surrounding Trent. Why did Trent alienate so many people? Was he just a jerk, or is there a deeper reason behind his death?

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