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How to Publish Your Book: Tips and Tricks

How to Publish Your Book: Tips and Tricks

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How to Publish Your Book: Tips and Tricks

35 pages
Mar 1, 2019


Book publishing is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Draw upon Jennette Green’s 10 years of experience helping authors just like you achieve their publishing goals.

It’s easy to learn how to publish your book. This short guide provides an overview of the details you will need to know to successfully publish and market your book.

In this guide, you will discover:

1. The main publishing platforms for ebooks and print books. You will also learn specific information about the requirements for each distributor, and how to meet those requirements.

2. Tips to ensure that your book is ready for publication. Included are resources for cover designers, and a checklist of ideas about how to write a book blurb that sells.

3. Marketing ideas, including information on building your email list, giveaways, and paid advertising.

Download this book and learn how to achieve your publishing dreams today!

Mar 1, 2019

Despre autor

Jennette Green has always had a passion for writing. She wrote her first story over thirty years ago, and her first romance novel, The Commander’s Desire, was published in 2008. It was given the accolades of “Top Pick” novel and “Reader’s Favorite Hero for 2009.”Jennette loves to travel with her husband and children, and particularly likes long walks along the ocean, dreaming up new stories.

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How to Publish Your Book - Jennette Green


How to

Publish Your Book

Tips and Tricks


Jennette Green

Diamond Press


For my grandparents,

who always inspired,

loved, and encouraged me.

Where to Publish Your Book

You have written a book. Congratulations! Or perhaps you are still writing your book, and want to learn how to publish it when you are done.

Your first question may be: Where can I publish my book?

It depends upon whether you’d like to publish an ebook or a print book.

Let’s start with ebooks.

Publish Your eBook

The main platforms to publish your ebook include Amazon KDP (for Kindle books), Barnes & Noble Press for Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and Apple Books. There are others, as well, but I will focus upon these five, because they are the biggest retail outlets for ebooks.

Amazon is by far the largest seller of ebooks. You can upload your book through their KDP platform. Then you can choose whether or not to include your book in their KDP Select program. If you choose this option, then you promise Amazon that you will not distribute your book anywhere else for a three month period. (This also means that you cannot offer it for free on BookFunnel or Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) for free, either.) You can choose whether that period automatically renews or not.

Here is more information about KDP Select:


You can, of course, choose not to enter the KDP Select program. Then your book will still be available on Amazon, but you will also be able to distribute it and upload it to other retailers, too.

There are pros and cons to using KDP Select, compared to going wide and using regular KDP and distributing your book to other retailers. KDP Select offers advantages to you if you make your book exclusively available on Amazon.

Some experts recommend that you use KDP Select for your first book(s), and then go wide as you publish more books. Going wide in

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