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Pancake Cookbook: Top 50 Pancake Recipes

Pancake Cookbook: Top 50 Pancake Recipes

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Pancake Cookbook: Top 50 Pancake Recipes

60 pages
46 minutes
Apr 25, 2018


Pancake Cookbook – Top 50 Pancake Recipes!

This book has 50 of the best tasting pancake recipes you will find anywhere collected into one easy to read book. Save your time and effort for the kitchen and making the recipes rather than wasting your precious time searching for the right recipe. Cook with the family and enjoy seeing them eat a hot breakfast around the kitchen table. This recipe book will give them something new day after day.

This book includes sweet and savory pancakes so you can cook a meal for any time of the day. Great as they are for breakfast, pancakes can make a great meal at other times as well. Read on to find recipes for:

- Apple and cinnamon pancakes
- Blueberry and buttermilk pancakes
- Chocolate Chip pancakes
- Delicate Pear pancakes
- Peanut butter pancakes
- Orange pancakes
- Red velvet cheesecake pancakes
- Stawberry pancakes
- And many, many more!

Start reading right now to save yourself time and effort with the easiest and best 50 pancake recipes you will find anywhere!

Apr 25, 2018

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Pancake Cookbook - Julie Brooke

Julie Brooke

PUBLISHED BY: Julie Brooke

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced in any format, by any means, electronic or otherwise, without prior consent from the copyright owner and publisher of this book.


This book contains 50 of the most delicious recipes you will find for pancakes. It has recipes for sweet pancakes and also lots of savory recipes. I am a great fan of eating pancakes not just for breakfast but for later in day as well!

Along with a really wide selection I have made sure to use the most common household ingredients and measurements so all of these recipes are easy to cook. If you have kids, then making pancakes can be a great way to get them involved in the kitchen as well as having a lot of fun along the way.

Try to ensure you follow the recipes here pretty closely in terms of the measurements. Use a wooden spoon to do the mixing – just ensure you don’t go overboard here. Mixing the batter until everything is just combined is the best way to go to avoid overly chewy pancakes.

Try to get hold of a griddle or a nice, heavy pan to use to stop the bottom getting burned and sticking. To eliminate any burning still further give the bottom of the pan or griddle a quick spray of cooking oil spray.  You will know when to turn over the pancake as soon as you see the bubbles on one side come up.

Flip them over straightaway once they appear. You don’t have to cook them long at all – a couple of minutes on either side will be plenty. Once they are lovely and golden brown they are done. You will very quickly come to recognise the look and smell of a perfectly cooked pancake!

Serve your pancakes hot, straight from the griddle or keep them warm for a few minutes while you cook the whole batch to enjoy together.

I’ve cooked all of these both as a professional chef and as mom at home and I really hope you will love eating these pancakes as much as my family has done so over the past 20 years.




Almond flour pancake

Apple and cinnamon pancakes

Apple ring pancakes

Bacon pancakes

Banana, Nutella and oatmeal

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