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The Ultimate Guide To Life For Men with Mental Illness

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The Ultimate Guide To Life For Men with Mental Illness

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Now is the time, my friend. You CAN change your mental health and your life for the better!

Yes! It's not as simple as just reading a book and learning. But that is where it can start! And this book is a great catalyst.

I wrote this book for you, my friend, because I care about you. I may never meet you, but I wish I could! I wrote it because I was once right there, right where you are today. You might call me a "born-loser" who didn’t figure out the good ideas written in this book until I was in my thirties and already married with children - very late in life I must reluctantly admit. Yes, I was hard-headed and ignorant and rebellious for far too long. That was 100% my choice and my fault. Thankfully I was able to change my life for the better, and my mental health improved immensely. Now I want to help you while it can still be easy for you to change your circumstances. I want you to know that you are not forever ‘stuck’ where you are right now with bad mental health. I want you to know that life is full of decisions, and that positive changes for your mental health can happen if you put your own efforts and faith into them.

That’s simply why I wrote this book. For you to become a better man, to become mentally healthy once again. Life is short. Keep it simple and beautiful, and the world will easily be at your feet. There are unlimited possibilities in your life. You are a child of God, and you have every right to be here and make your life what you will as best as you can. Know all that in your heart as you read this book.

In this book you will read words like “change”, “decisions”, “choices”, “consequences/results”, “good”, “meaning”, “faith”, and “Godly” many times. I hope you will be able to understand why I use these words frequently and what each of them means for your present and future mental health.

Lastly, when I sat down to start writing this book, I promised myself that it would not be ‘preachy’ to you in any way. I am not a minister, preacher, priest, or other type of clergy that can answer any or all of your questions about God and religion adequately. And I won’t pretend to, either. This book is indeed based on Christian principles that I have come to know to be true and right, yes. Note also: Neither am I am a mental health clinician. I am only like you – a man with a life-long mental illness. For serious work to solve your deepest emotional problems, you are going to need the face-to-face assistance of a mental health professional in addition to this book.

Are you ready to take charge of bettering your mental health, my friend? I hope so. Let’s jump in together for mental health recovery with our hearts, minds, and Spirit open - and really get our blood pumping through the body. Okay? Okay!

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