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Toe Nail Fungus: Nutritional

Toe Nail Fungus: Nutritional

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Toe Nail Fungus: Nutritional

49 pages
33 minutes
May 21, 2019



Have you seriously looked at your fingernails to see if they are healthy? Do you know what healthy fingernails should look like? 

Well, in this book, I will give you some information about fingernails and especially if you use polish on your fingernails and use polish remover. If you have fingernail fungus, you find many home remedies that you can use to eliminate this fungus.

Not too many people think about how healthy their nails are but the truth is the health of your fingernails is a reflection of your overall health.

This book goes beyond just dealing with simple weak fingernails. To get the nail care you need, requires improving your health and immune system. This is especially true if you have nail fungus, toe fungus curved, streaked, multicolored, black, yellow and other patterns or distortions in your nails.

When you have many unusual lines and streaks and colors on your nail, this is indication of a serious disease that you need to look into right away.
In this book, you will find how to do a quick body cleanse to remove some body toxins.

Special fruits that you need to eat are identified that make your body more alkaline. Then you will discover when you should be eating fruits for daily body detoxification. This is all necessary to charge up your immune system to start fighting off any disease you have so that your nail health can be recovered.

Do your fingernails show some of these conditions?

  • Pale or blue appearance or white or red streaks 
  • Cracked, brittle or breaking fingernails 
  • Thick nail, curved and yellow
  • Nail separation from bed
  • Spoon-like nails
  • Pitting nails
  • White spots on nails

Where do all of these types of nail deterioration come from?

In this book, you discover all about how to have healthy fingernails whether the hand or feet nails.

Most women use polish at one time in their life.  Teenage girls are constantly experimenting with polish products.

But did you know, most fingernail polishes and their polish cleaners and removers are toxic?  When you apply polish to your nails, you don't expect the chemicals in these polishes to get into your blood but they do.  And, they do serious damage.

What are some the toxic chemicals in polishes:

  • PFC's
  • Dibutyl Phthalates (DBP)
  • Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP)
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin

You may not find these chemicals listed on the bottle of nail polish you use.

In my book called "Nail Fungus & Health Treatment," you will discover a wealth of information about all aspects of fingernail health and disease and what you can do about how to get your fingernail back to health and having the beauty that should have.

May 21, 2019

Despre autor

Rudy Silva is a natural nutritionist since 1997 and concentrates on writing ebooks and books on how to overcome various illnesses using nutrtion and natural remedies. He is author of over 40 book on healing with natural remedies.  He has a Facebook page, Pinterest, and a Natural Remedies website at Nutritionforillness.com  You can get the latest nutritional information on this site to help you overcome various illnesses. Nutritionforillness You can contact him at the link below in the "CONTACT US" page.

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Toe Nail Fungus - Rudy Silva


1: Introduction – Why You Need Nail Health

Most women and a few men pay a lot of attention to how their fingernails look, but not in terms of their health.  It is only when their fingernails become diseased or unsightly that most people get concerned about their fingernails.  In this book, your view of fingernails and health, hopeful can change.

It is estimated that 96% of girls between 12 to 14 use nail polish or some form of nail solution. The percentage of adult using nail polish is also high since they use polish for their hands and feet. 

Your fingernail condition and their appearance change as you age.  When you reach 25 or so, your nail growth rate will slow down. After 35, you may be more susceptible to brittle or splitting nails.  By 55 your nails become easily broken and lose their healthy appearance. At any age, you should be concerned about the appearance and health of your nails.

Fingernails may be something you seldom think about until they start to create pain or look unsightly. Or, if they tend to snag on clothes, fabrics, and cause runs in your colthes.

Causes of Fingernail Problems

When fingernails have abnormalities or look unhealthy and don’t grow as they should, the cause is often a nutritional imbalance, which comes from a poor diet, eating disorder, digestive issue, or absorption problem.

However, it is possible that nail abnormalities are a reflection of a more serious body condition or disease.  Listed here are many different diseases associated with nail appearance.

When you have an over growth of yeast in your body, it can develop into nail and skin fungal infections. You can develop toenail fungus or athlete’s foot.

Many women spend a lot of money on various products to make their nails look better when their nail appearance starts to diminish.  Unfortunately, these products, such as nail polish, polish removers, glues, cement, and strengtheners are harsh on fingernail health.

In addition nail product contain chemicals that are dangerous to your health.

There is also another aspect to the use of nail products and that is the toxic chemicals in these products.  These toxins are absorbed your skin around your nails causing a disruption of the hormonal systems.

If you are suffering from fingernail or toenail issues, here you will find a number of natural remedies and supplements that will help you strengthen your nails and eliminate fungus or bacteria that have attacked your nails.

If you are a painter, a man or a woman, who works with paints, paint thinners, and turpentine, your fingernails are probably in need of help.  You will get this help here.

Those of you that work on computers, do manual typing, or play piano have one benefit other might not have. Your

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