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How to Lose Weight: Short Tips to Help You Lose It

How to Lose Weight: Short Tips to Help You Lose It

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How to Lose Weight: Short Tips to Help You Lose It

45 pages
25 minutes
Jun 16, 2019


According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, and out of those 1 billion adults, in any event 300 million of them die from diabetes, or other diseases caused from about by being overweight.

Don't let that become you!

The entire weight-loss-lose-body-fat scenario revolves around one, vital and never-changing concept: Being overweight, thus, needing to lose body fat, remains a direct result of eating too much food and not getting enough exercise. Yet, you hear this very same lose-body-fat news so often that your brain instantly goes into SHUT-DOWN or SHUT-OFF mode. A tendency to assume "I've Been There Before, Heard It All Before, Done It All Before, and It Never Works for Me," turns to obstacle.

This book will be the perfect guide for you to help lose that extra weight you want to lose. 

Inside you will learn:

  • A Pound of Fat is Equivalent to 3,500 Calories
  • 3 Simple Steps To Lose Body Fat
  • 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
  • 4 Fun Ways to Get In Shape
  • 7 Calorie Burning Tips
  • 7 Easy Steps to Healthy Weight Loss
  • How To Not Let Stress Affect Your Weight
  • Tips to Get Calories Out of Restaurant Food
  • 8 Mistakes People Make While Trying to Lose Weight
  • 8 Reasons to Lose Weight Now
  • Weight Loss Goals To Go For
Jun 16, 2019

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How to Lose Weight - Chad Booth


A Pound of Fat is Equivalent to 3,500 Calories

There are 3,500 calories in a single pound of fat. On the off chance that you cut back or work off just 3,500 calories, you will lose a pound of fat. While it is conceivable to cut back on your calorie admission and increment your activity routine so as to lose pounds in a fast manner. Note that doctors recommend that you lose close to 2 pounds of weight for every week in order to guarantee that your body appropriately acclimates to the weight reduction.

Here are a few hints to help you securely drop 3,500 calories from your customary daily schedule


Running for around 1 hour at a moderate pace will enable you to lose roughly 350 calories, depending upon your body type, speed and terrain. In this manner, if you keep running for one hour for five days a week while keeping up a predictable eating routine, you will securely lose one pound.

It is imperative to understand that numerous individuals who simply start running will eat pasta and other foods high in carbohydrates to compensate for the exertion. They imagine that since they worked out so hard, they merit a treat. All things considered, they believe, the pasta will keep their energy high.

In any case, what they may not understand is that while they are supported in feeling that the carbohydrates will inject their exercise routine with energy, they are not really setting their bodies up to shed pounds. When you burn 350 calories but intake a 450 high-carbohydrate pasta dish, you are adding a bigger number of calories to your body than you generally would have.

Running does, in any case, help boost our metabolism and change your muscle tone so you consume calories all the more productively. Rather than eating a pasta dish after a run, you should decide to have an enormous  salad and splurge for the carbohydrate-rich croutons instead.

Eat In

When you eat out at a restaurant, not only are you exposing your body to a variety of high fat, high

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