Cecilia's House & The Foraging Class: American Chapters

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Cecilia's House & The Foraging Class: American Chapters

Până la Greta Gorsuch

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American Chapters presents short stories in vivid and easy-to-read, 500-word chapters, perfect for English language learners internationally and adult literacy learners in countries where English is commonly used. All stories are also offered as audio books for learners who want to hear the sounds of American English.

"Cecilia's House"
Cecilia lives in tiny Sunflower, Texas. There aren't many jobs in a country where the towns are small and far apart. But Cecilia has built a good house-cleaning business with her business partner Franny. But one day, Cecelia drives over to visit Franny, who has been sick. When she gets to Franny's house, a police car is waiting with flashing lights. What Cecilia learns next will change her life. 

"The Foraging Class"
High school student Shana can't believe she has to spend her Spring Break on a camping trip at a Texas state park, attending something awful called a "Foraging Class." The class will teach them about eating things that look like grasses and weeds! But she has no choice. So Shana, her mother Alice, and best friend Kristen drive off on their adventure into the green pine forests of East Texas. Then everything changes one night, deep in the park. And none of them will ever see the world the same way again.

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