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Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded

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Hot Blooded

4/5 (19 evaluări)
100 pages
1 hour
Dec 26, 2017


Tough and rough, tall and dark, these are men a woman never forgets. Experience pleasure like no other in the arms of a cowboy. . .

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Rodeo rider Michael White Horse is grateful when Diana Grant stops to pick him up in the middle of a rainstorm. But with one touch his gratitude quickly turns to lust and an uncontrollable desire to lay her down and ride her hard all night long. . .

"Hot Blooded" by Delilah Devlin

Rancher Adam Youngblood is always happy to help a damsel in distress. But before he'll pull the sweetly curvaceous and fiercely independent Cass McIntyre to safety, he demands promises of unconditional sexual surrender. . .
Dec 26, 2017

Despre autor

Always a risk taker, Delilah Devlin lived in the Saudi Peninsula during the Gulf War, thwarted an attempted abduction by white slave traders, and survived her children’s juvenile delinquency. In addition to Saudi Arabia, she has lived in Germany and Ireland, but calls Arkansas home for now.

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Hot Blooded - Delilah Devlin

Cover Copy

Reaching new peaks

Park Ranger Cass McIntyre isn’t one to sit still. That’s why she’ll climb solo despite the clouds gathering over the Texas Panhandle. It’s the same reason she got tired of waiting for rancher Adam Youngblood to take their flirtation up a notch. Instead, she’ll try her luck with his brother…

But when Cass finds herself trapped on a rock face with no way down, it’s Adam who shows up to the rescue. Something about her vulnerable state takes him over the edge. With a wicked grin under his burning gaze, he makes Cass an offer she can’t refuse. And when she finally discovers what kind of man he really is, she has no problem admitting she will never, ever get enough…

First published in the anthology To Tempt a Cowboy.

Hot Blooded

Delilah Devlin


Kensington Publishing Corp.


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First Electronic Edition: January 2018

eISBN-13: 978-1-5161-0865-7

eISBN-10: 1-5161-0865-5

Printed in the United States of America


This is for Kelly who deserves to have a hero there to catch her when she falls.


Special thanks to Blake Phillips for the expertise regarding rock climbing he so generously provided!

Thanks to my critique partners and dear friends for polishing this apple until it shined: Cyndi D’Alba, Sasha White and Shada Royce.

More thanks to Team Delilah, my friends and readers who root for me even when I’m stepping off the ledge.

And hugs for the special inspirations in my life, my sister Elle James and my mom. I love you both!

Chapter 1

When the first small drops began to fall, Cass McIntyre welcomed the light shower the forecasters had predicted. Already halfway up the route she’d chosen, she’d worked up a nice sweat.

The rain quickly cooled her skin, which was caked in a thick, itchy layer of canyon dirt and chalk. The lazy breeze accompanying the rain fanned the burning cuts on her bare legs and arms, giving her a mental boost of energy.

After another fifteen feet into her ascent—chilled and achy now and getting a little impatient with the worsening conditions—she found a narrow ledge. She unhooked her caribiner clip from the rope, and decided to wait out the cloudburst, a rare occurrence in the Panhandle and extremely dangerous because the rock face she climbed had become as slippery as mud.

She took small comfort in the phrase she’d heard over and over since she’d first moved to Canyon, Texas, that ran like a mantra through her head. If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a minute.

Her mistake had been believing that piece of homespun advice.

Not that she was anything more than mildly annoyed at this point. The awe-inspiring view from her perch above the canyon floor placated her restless nature and soothed the deep ache in her chest that had choked her at the start of the climb.

Low-hanging clouds obscured the sunlight and provided an unexpected cooling to a hot spring day. Soft, gray mist filled the Palo Duro Canyon, softening the light and air, the moisture causing a burst of brilliant color to erupt from the fading wildflowers carpeting the rough terrain—bright orange from Mexican hat and Indian blanket, and a cheery yellow daisylike flower whose name escaped her at the moment.

Determined to salvage some enjoyment from her adventure, she settled on the ledge, dangling her legs over the side, and ignored the water soaking through her thin T-shirt and shorts.

Half an hour into the storm that had grown steadily more insistent, she kissed off making the summit and planned a quick rappel to the distant hollow below.

However, as she unwound her long rope from the straps of her backpack for a hasty descent, her narrow perch disintegrated. Rock made fragile by the water splintered into rough shards and gravel that tumbled down the sheer precipice.

Cass dropped the rope and jammed her hand into a crevice in the rock to anchor herself while she reached beside her for her pack. But she was too late.

More of the ledge crumbled. The backpack slid away, leaving her stranded with only the shorter rope she’d used between cams—not nearly long enough to attempt a descent.

"Jesus. I don’t fucking believe this," she whispered furiously.

Pissed off with her rookie mistake, she pulled the trigger on the cam she’d used to secure her rope above the ledge and wedged it deeper into the crevice. She attached one end of her short rope to the cam and tied the other to the belay. Then satisfied she’d done everything she could to remain safe, she settled again on the last little remnant of her eroding perch.

She’d have to wait for rescue—something she’d never live down. A frequent climber who often provided advice to weekend enthusiasts, she could already hear the razzing she’d get from her fellow park rangers.

She only hoped the team sent to retrieve her wouldn’t include the one man she’d come to escape. She could only imagine the black, judgmental glare he’d give her for inconveniencing him. Add this fiasco to last night’s and she figured he’d just as soon let her rot on the side of the cliff as drop her a rope.

With nothing left to do to keep her mind from obsessing over mistakes she couldn’t undo, Cass sat on the narrow ledge high above the canyon floor with her head bent against the rain, watching it fall like the tears she refused to shed.

Frustration fueled her emotions—not fear or loneliness—she ruthlessly insisted to herself. Cass never cried, and she sure as hell wasn’t starting now. She’d gotten herself into this mess. She’d just have to figure a way out.

However, the only plans she could come up with required a little patience

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  • (4/5)
    Talk show host Dr. Samantha Leeds is being stalked. She is receiving phone threats and letters saying that she needs to be repented for her sins and that she will die soon. Sam doesn't understand what this nutcase is talking about until a girl calls up saying her name is "Annie." This frightens Sam even more. (I won't explain about Annie because that would take about a decade in writing). At the same time, prostitutes are being found murdered with a set of rosary beads, at the same time Samantha is on the radio. Detective Rick Benz and his partner belive that the prostitution murders are connected to Sam's stalker.

    Lisa Jackson is a great story teller. I love that she uses some of the same characters in several different stories. I really enjoyed this book.
  • (4/5)
    This is the epitome of what I like it my romance suspense. I’m not sure what took me so long to try her work, as a few different people recommended her. This one took me a while to read, as I was partly savoring it (as my first L.J.) and partly had to keep putting it down and picking it up as ‘obligation’ reads (ARCs, library reads, ect,) kept arriving. I’m really glad that this was the first in a series. I really liked the characters, and the setting, and hope to see more of them. (I’m gonna miss Ty, Yummy!) I thought Rick was a bit harsh, I’m hoping he grows on me… Montoya was a bit of a non-character, I look forward to getting to know him a bit better. It will be interesting, because I would have said that Sam and Ty were the protagonists, and they are gone in the next one (if I understand correctly) and Rick Bentz and Montoya are brought to the front. I look forward to the transition (or lack there of) for that too.New Orleans has always been of interest to me, and some where I would like to visit. I’m interested to see how she deals with Hurricane Katrina. This book was written pre-Katrina. I wonder how she deals with New Orleans post-Katrina. Does she completely ignore it, or address it somehow?The hard part is going to be deciding which of her books to read next. Do I read the next in the series (Cold Blooded) or read Wicked Game which she wrote with her sister, Nancy Bush (another author I really like).
  • (4/5)
    Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson 4 starsThis is the first in Lisa Jackson's New Orleans Series. It features Detective Rick Bentz and his partner Detective Reuben Montoya investigating the murders of prostitutes, all killed the same way, it seems a serial killer is stalking New Orleans. At the same time popular late-night radio host Dr. Samantha Leeds has a fan who'd like to love her to death...literally. She has received pranks calls and mutilated pictures of herself. Detective Bentz is assigned to the case also, the prank calls coincide with the murders, is it a coincidence or the same man? Of course we know it is the same man, the suspense here is, how are the police going to find out the connection, who is the next victim and how will he be stopped? There are subplots and a little romance thrown in, secrets from the past. The only problem I had was with the synopsis I read said Sam's dark secret from her past. There was a dark secret, but it wasn't Sam's, it was connected to something that had happened that she was involved in, but she didn't even know it! Little things like that bug me.Anyway, this was another well put together book, plots and subplots, multiple characters and little tidbits along the way to keep you hooked, suspicions abound, I KNEW who did it! But I was WRONG!
  • (3/5)
    New Orleans is beginning to be afraid . . .A prostitute lies strangled in a seedy French Quarter hotel room. Miles away, in a rambling plantation house on the sultry shores of Lake Ponchartrain, popular late-night radio host Dr. Samantha Leeds receives a threatening phone call. All in a day's work for a celebrity. A second hooker's corpse turns up. Samantha's ominous caller persists, along with a mysterious female claiming to be a woman from her past - a woman who's been dead for years. With Detective Rick Bentz convinced that the serial killer prowling the shadowy streets of New Orleans is somebody close to Samantha, she doesn't dare trust anyone. Especially not Ty Wheeler, her seductive new neighbour who seems to know more about her than a stranger should.My Thoughts:I haven’t read a Lisa Jackson before but have read many like it with the likes of Erica Spindler and Sandra Brown. Another romantic suspense author which is normally something that I would seek out and enjoy.In parts I did but I felt that this book did drag on a bit and towards the end I just wanted to find out who the perp was. I did enjoy the romantic interest but that’s what makes these type of books tick. There are a lot of romantic suspense out there and sometimes they can become all the same and sometimes it takes one to stand out for the crowd. This book didn’t for me but overall it was an average thriller with a few chills and the expected romance.I would try a Lisa Jackson again but if I need a romantic/ thriller fix I would quickly grab perhaps an author that I know I will enjoy.
  • (3/5)

    1 person found this helpful

    In one word, "eh". That's what this book was for me. It wasn't bad, and it wasn't that great. It was just "okay".The characters weren't that well developed. I didn't really connect with them or "like" them that much. Probably the character I liked most was Detective Bentz.What I really disliked was whenever the book would switch to the murderer's viewpoint. It just seemed...I don't know...childish? That's not quite it. It just wasn't believable to me. I was left with the feeling that the author was just writing this character based on a bunch of stereotypes from other thriller/killer stories. That's not what I'm looking for with a book like this. I want a character that makes me shiver and hide under the covers. This didn't do it for me. The character was too simplistic, with no real depth, and I found myself kind of bored with him. And to make matters worse, the ending just sort of fizzled for me and seemed kind of unrealistic.So, "eh". Maybe I'll give the second book in the series a try and see what I think about that. My one likable character Detective Bentz makes a reappearance in Cold Blooded, and I would like to give author Lisa Jackson another try or two.

    1 person found this helpful