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Leadership Changes

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Ever had a leadership or management change? 
Were anxious or frustrated?
Not sure how to navigate the situation? 
I got you ? 
What we want to make sure we are doing during a leadership / management change: 

Be honest 
Being forthcoming
Be open to the change 

What you should be communicating to your new manager / new leader: 

Career aspirations 
Clear expectations 
Communication style and / or your communication preference 
Have meaningful conversations 

Positive things about leadership / management changes: 

Opportunity for a fresh start 
Opportunity or ability to have a new perspective 
Being able to have priorities aligned or even re-aligned 
Opportunity to improve a process or workflow that might not make sense 
Increase team morale 
Management / leadership style change 

Potential challenges we might face when we have a new leader or manager: 

Team morale could decrease 
Change management 
Management or leadership style 
Increase stressed or concern
Risk of increased turnover 

Thank you so much for listening.
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To connect - 
You’re awesome!!  
Go be your amazing self today!!! 


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