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162. How to Land 100 Speaking Gigs a Year With Ty Bennett: 162. How to Land 100 Speaking Gigs a Year With Ty Bennett

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If you want to know how to land 100 speaking gigs a year, or even a fraction of that number, you will love today's guest!   Ty Bennett first found his passion for speaking and training when he and his brother built a $25 million a year direct sales business together. As part of growing that business, he did a lot of speaking and training for their sales teams. In 2010, he decided to make speaking his top priority after he published his first book. He sold his half of the business to his brother and focused solely on speaking and writing. Currently, he gives about 100 keynote speeches a year for corporations and associations. Today he joins us to share sound advice for speakers of every level, including the two most important aspects of ability, how to build a platform when starting from nothing and what his marketing efforts look like. Whether you're an up-and-coming speaker or established veteran you're going to learn so much from this episode 162 of The Speaker Lab with Ty Bennett!   THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW:    Why are his keynotes based on three of his books? Where does he primarily spend his outbound marketing time, and why? What are the three things every speaker needs, according to Ty? The one honest question you have to answer to be hired as a speaker. What is the true test of your ability as a speaker? These are two areas all speakers can improve on - what are they? What technique has a unique ability to connect you with an audience? Why does Ty study comedians so much? And so much more!   EPISODE RESOURCES Ty Bennett's website The Power of Storytelling, by Ty Bennett The Power of Influence, by Ty Bennett Partnership is The New Leadership, by Ty Bennett Ty Bennett on Twitter Speaking Fee Calculator Booked and Paid to Speak Ready for more speakers? Join our free speaker workshop The Speaker Lab Facebook group Got questions? Send them in here Email me! Subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a rating or review  

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