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The Father's Day Series: Fatherhood, Race, and Unity in the Gospel: with Nigel Anderson

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On this final part of the Father's Day series here on the Heart Lessons Podcast, Nigel Anderson shares his perspective on fatherhood, approaching racial issues with grace, and how we can all be unified under the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a very sensitive but very important topic, and I am so thankful for Nigel's willingness to share his heart and his wisdom and speak into these issues with such a spirit of grace. May you receive it with just as much love and grace. Connect with Nigel: website // youtube // Expect Renaissance (nonprofit) // instagram // facebook // SoundCloud Purchase the Safe House Album Heart Lesson: Never stop trusting. Find complete show notes at sarahrieke.com/podcast We Mention: Safe House Music video Better Days video Philando Castile and Tamir Rice shootings Come Thou Fount hymn (Prone to Wander) Imago Dei Ravi Zacharius Grace Bible Church The Mother's Day Series Part II: Mothering a Transracial Family with Lauren Casper Scriptures Mentioned: Romans 12:2 Matthew 5:13-16 Mark 6:34 Revelation 7:9 Takeaway Truths: Running from who you don't want to be isn't enough to keep you on the right path. If we are not intentional about keeping Christ at the center of everything we will find something to put there. If you're a Christian you should care about everything because of the Imago Dei and if not, you should fight to view all of it as important. We need to get out of the identity of our camps and figure out what the meaning of a real Christian is. The intentionality of the gospel is the restoration of a relationship that was eternally severed. Everyone's perspective is valid and it is, by definition, incomplete. The solution is knowing people. A prayer before confronting another's perspective: In this moment, Lord, give me grace to listen and wisdom to know if I should say something and if so, what that something should be. We are all different and that is fine. It is beautiful. We should elevate the gospel above all else. Related Material: The Way (song) My Role in Racial Reconciliation (blog post)

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