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BONUS 7 - Vlad "the Impaler" Dracula: Man Behind the Vampire

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How do you become the real life basis for the most famous monster of our time? By being one of the most sadistic and terrifying figures who ever lived. Vlad impaled, disemboweled, boiled, burned, hacked, tortured, and beheaded his way in world wide notoriety, his name still recognizable over 500 years after his death. Forget medieval - we go full-evil - on the darkest edition of Timesuck yet.  Like the new logo? Hire Timesucker Anduin Vaid for all your graphic design needs. Hit him up at anduin.g.vaid@gmail.com He's incredible! (And he's a Timesucker)  Live in or near Ft. Collins, Colorado? Head over to Maxline Brewing, Tuesday, July 18th, for a FREE Timesuck Trivia night starting at 7PM! Meet other Timesuckers, drink some great beer, and win some cool prizes! 

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