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449: Amy Morin | Mentally Stronger

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By recognizing in our own behavior what keeps us from being resilient against life's obstacles, we're empowered to stop the cycle and focus on what it takes to become mentally stronger.
"Every time you take your eyes off of your own goals and you start resenting somebody else, it's another minute that you didn't spend working towards whatever it is you want to achieve." -Amy Morin
The Cheat Sheet:

How do mental health and mental strength differ? (08:37)
Being mentally strong is more about self-awareness than acting tough. (09:54)
There are three parts to building mental strength: regulating thoughts, managing emotions, and behaving productively despite your circumstances. (11:41)
What wastes our time and energy to keep us from becoming mentally strong? (13:03)
You’re only as good as your worst habit. (13:29)
And so much more...

Show notes at http://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/amy-morin-mentally-stronger-episode-449/
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