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Episode 18: Prepping Your Houseplant For Spring and the Science Behind Fertilizer With Chris Satch from The Sill: Part of the Plant Science with The Sill Series

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I’m always excited to welcome Chris Satch from The Sill back to the show for our Plant Science Series. This week we discuss what we need to do to prepare our plants for Spring! Chris gives us the lowdown on pruning, trimming, fertilizing and repotting. We cover a LOT so get your pens out and take notes! This episode is for you if you want to make sure you set your plants up for success to bloom and grow in the springtime!   In this episode we learn: - How and why to prune to promote growth - How to properly wipe and care for leaves that are hurting from the dormancy of winter - What is deadheading and why we do it? - How to prune citrus - How and when to repot your plant - To trim the roots, or not to trim the roots? - The Science behind Fertilizer - Why it’s necessary and when to use it - Chemical vs Natural Fertilizer - What you should do if you want to make #plantfriendsIRL Here is a link to purchase When Green Becomes Tomatoes by Julia Fogliano : http://amzn.to/2HrdDm5   Follow The Sill @thesill and www.thesill.com Follow Bloom and Grow Radio @bloomandgrowradio and www.bloomandgrowradio.com

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