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Happy Bit: 20 Easy (and Fun) Ideas for Outside Play: Teach your kids to love outdoor play!

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How to Subscribe to Vibrant Happy Women: Apple Podcasts · Android · Overcast · Castbox · Radio Public About this Happy Bit: Outdoor play has a multitude of benefits, including lowering cortisol, decreasing depression and anxiety, improving focus and social skills, and much more. In this Happy Bit I'll share ideas that will help you kids play longer (and happier) outside.  Click here to learn more about the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat:   Subscribe to the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast: Apple Podcasts · Android · Overcast · Castbox · Radio Public How to Leave a Review: Give us a Rating & Review · How to Leave a Review ·  Ask Jen a Question: Have a comment or question for me? Email me at support@jenriday.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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