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BB011 - Alera Love: BB011 - Alera Love

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(26min 21sec) Fred and Priscilla talk news, and the listeners phone in their Alera Love.

Call in and leave the show voicemail at 301-6377-HAT!

The Music
- 2006 Pl@stic Soul
- .22

News Items with Priscellie

- September 4th, Release of Many Bloody Returns, "It's My Birthday
Too." Book signings all across the country. Jim was in Kansas City
at B&N. Early September book signings for Many Bloody Returns
- Cover art for Supernatural Honeymoon! Edited by P.N. Elrod, out
December 26th. My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Cover Art
- Subterranean Press
- Real Life Comics Dresden Files Sighting
- Codex Alera on Unshelved
- The Drumstick Campaign
- Jericho
- dresdencity.org
- maenad.tripod.com
- dresdenfiles.org
- New Home 4 Dresden Petition
- PhauxCon in Philly, October 5-7
- Shannon Butcher
- The Dresden Files RPG Playtest Application

Alera Love
- Read about the Codex Alera
- We hear from Fred, Priscilla, Jackie in Austin, Meg, Charles from Texas, Gloria, and "The Man in the Shadows"... spooky.

Quick Addendums
- Strange Brew on P.N. Elrod's Livejournal
- Captain's Fury cover art preview

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