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AF-226: Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It: Genealogy Gold Podcast

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Are you a Mayflower descendant, or do you think you may be one? You have to do the research to make sure because a lot of families have a "Mayflower ancestor" myth. Join me today and as I show you how to gather the evidence to make sure you can claim that Mayflower ancestor as your own family. Show Notes:https://ancestralfindings.com/do-you-have-mayflower-ancestry-here-is-how-to-prove-it/  Listen via: - https://ancestralfindings.com/youtube  - https://ancestralfindings.com/itunes  Weekly Giveaways:- https://ancestralfindings.com/drawing  Free eBooks:- https://ancestralfindings.com/ebooks   Hard To Find Surnames:- https://ancestralfindings.com/surnames _________ Send me a postcard! Ancestral Findings 1320 Nagel Rd #54611 Cincinnati, OH 45254

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