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Juliana Cardona Mejia talks about community driven street entrepreneurs: Street Entrepreneurs

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Original Show Notes: Juliana Cardona Mejia from Street Entrepreneurs Juliana Cardona Mejia is the founder of Street Entrepreneurs. A nonprofit organization in service of providing entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with practical knowledge and access to networks and start up grants. Juliana has worked tirelessly to grow her business from the ground up. She has worked to teach herself and others what it takes to be successful Welcome, Juliana! [0:50] Tell us a bit about yourself ·       Born in Colombia ·       Lived all over America ·       Thought about career in politics [1:43] Tell us a bit more about Street Entrepreneurs. Where did the idea come from? ·       Community driven accelerator ·       Put together programs for entrepreneurs ·       Provides workshops on topics [3:15] How did you get funding for a nonprofit business? ·       Called everyone and asked for donations [3:47] Is this your full time job? How do you make money doing this? ·       It’s a start up for other start ups ·       Does consulting on the side to pay for living expenses [4:8] Looking back, what is one thing you wish you knew when starting a business? ·       Having a co-founder would have made it easier [4:48] What are some of the programs or services that Street Entrepreneurs offers? ·       Covers 8 topics ·       From innovation to marketing ·       Topic 3- Marketing in December 2017 [5:26] Who can qualify? ·       Anyone ·       Must have a lot of drive [6:13] Can you tell us more about the Community Pitch Event? ·       Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas ·       Broadcasted through Facebook live ·       Community and audience can invest/ donate [6:44] What are some of the workshops that you offer? How can listeners know when they are offered? How much do they cost? ·       All workshops are on the website: StreetEntrepreneurs.org ·       Income based tickets [7:49] Is there any other support for entrepreneurs at Street Entrepreneurs? ·       Talent Exchange Sponsors [13:05] Chain of Wealth – Awesome gadget guide for the holidays, check out Katie’s top recommendations. If you’re enjoying this podcast, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review! Value Link Round (VLR) [9:30] Why do you think people fail at achieving their dreams? ·       I don’t know if I can answer that question ·       People pivot their direction [10:54] What other books or podcasts do you recommend? ·       Podcast- iTunes University ·       Stanford course- How to start a start up ·       50-minute history [11:59] What is your favorite quote? ·       It’s a terrible thing to wait in life until you’re ready [13:20] How can listeners get in touch with you? ·       Website: Streetentrepreneurs.org [13:35] Any last advice? ·       There is no one way to be successful Support this podcast at — https://app.redcircle.com/shows/11f32da4-3081-471f-bf51-ea341b89ab1d/tip

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