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223: ch. 1 - Dracula - [Start of Book]: Stoked!

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Chapter 1 of Dracula! Whoot!
New reader too, via Sharon (MizzAdamz on Ravelry) of the London, Bath, and Wales trip—Jon Scholes at www.vaguenet.com—who seems to have been born to read this book for you. Bless you both!
Nifty things for you!
Defarge videos with lovely music by Mari Ajero via the Podsafe Music Network: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3
Longtime listener Amy S Foster (or When Autumn Leaves fame) has a new podcast, The Heatley Cliff. Lend an ear, won’t you?
Forgotten Classics is starting a new book. Katie at Shop Yarn Love is making me drool.
7th Annual Podcast Awards Nominations Now Open!
Nominations close @ 2359 September 30th, 2011
Please Read before you fill out the nominations: You get to submit the nomination form “ONE” time only!. Nominate as many shows as you can, only submitting one show is a waste. Fill the nomination form out to the best of your ability, once you hit Submit you are done for 2011! Do not submit the same show in multiple categories, find out what category your favorites shows want to be nominated in, nomination totals do not cross categories. Do not nominate the “same show” for People’s Choice and Best Produced, nominate 2 different shows in the top two categories. You can then nominate each show in one additional category each. Official Twitter Account @podcastawards make sure to use hashtag #pca11 Follow the Twitter Stream! Follow the Founder on Twitter @geeknews, Google+ or subscribe on Facebook. 
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The husband’s new novel!
Our GORGEOUS incentive for September/October 2011 from Marceli Botticelli’s Tea Times Creations!
Tonia’s video on how to make a sound diary using the Benbo tripod (go leave a comment on what a genius she is. It’ll make her day).

Checkout this lovely map we’re being allowed to use for your edification and clarity!
this comes to us via Syrie James @Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Syrie James’ novel Dracula, My Love, (quite well-reviewed, you should look)… is how I found this. She said to tell you, “[the novel] will give you a brand new perspective on Bram Stoker’s story and characters, and allow you to see Dracula in a new light!” Her books are available as audio books too, and “the actress who narrated my Dracula book is fantastic, and the audio book version of The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë just won the 2011 Audie award.” (not bad, hey?)
I think Ms James is a novelist right up our alley, eh what?
To clarify location and peoples in Dracula somewhat: Who ARE these people Harker is going on about?

Saxons—Germanic people
Hungarians—also known as Magyars (pronounced mad-jar or mad-yar, from Hungarian: magyarok)
Wallachia or Walachia (Romanian: Țara Românească pronounced [ˈt͡sara romɨˈne̯askə] or Valahia pronounced [vaˈlahi.a]; archaic: Țeara Rumânească, Cyrillic: Цѣра Румѫнѣскъ / Цѣра Рȣмѫнѣскъ) is a historical and geographical region of Romania.
Atilla the Hun

Jumping the gun a bit, but this is so pretty… New Slains Castle may have inspired Stoker–New Slains Castle is a ruined castle near Cruden Bay in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, overlooking the North Sea.
This is what an Aquiline (roman) nose looks like:
Slovak costumes referred to in the story: and another page with traditional Slovak dress on it.
Here’s a caleche
Bloggish stuff:
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Some 411 on Bram: First, he worked in the tax department at Dublin Castle, a government building, in his early working life. (The people of Dublin say he was a bloodsucker before writing about a bloodsucker.) Also, Stoker spent his summers around Killarney as a small boy. If one were to go on the Ghost Tour of Killarney, she would hear of the story of a man who lived in the ruins of Muckross Abbey. The man would be a part of living society during the day, but at night, he wo

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