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Episode 193: Building + Becoming Boss, with Kathleen Shannon - the Creative Empire podcast

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Today Reina and Christian are talking to Kathleen Shannon. Kathleen is one of the co-hosts of Being Boss Podcast, a founder of Braid Creative, and is the co-author of the Being Boss book. At the beginning of the episode, we hear all about how Kathleen got started with her business and podcasting. She shares about content streams and how she repurposes content for her audience. The trio discuss shifting mindset into bigger picture marketing and why you need to get clear with your offerings. Lastly, we hear all about the new Being Boss book and Kathleen shares about two methods that she writes about in the book.

Main Takeaways:How Kathleen got started with her business + podcast [0:01:55]What all of her content streams are + repurposing content [0:05:49]What Being Boss has become [0:12:26]How to get into shifting your mindset to bigger picture marketing [0:16:08]Why to created content for your ideal clients + getting clear [0:20:11]What the Being Boss book is about + the chalkboard method [0:23:24]What Kathleen's dinner party method is [0:28:24]What the best way to digest her book is [0:34:44]How being a leader has helped her grow [0:41:04]

Whenever it comes to having a brand and a reputation, it is about saying the same thing over and over again. If you feel like you’re being redundant, you’re probably doing it right.

— Kathleen Shannon

Show Notes:Emily Thompson of Indie ShopographyFreshBooksJay Pryor - Business CoachChalkboard Method Episode from Being BossBeyonceNeil deGrasse TysonAmy SchumerBeing Boss BookPhotographer Sarah Becker Dillard

There is definitely some manifesting magic whenever it comes to the chalkboard. It’s also a really practical way to visualize your goals and to get some hustle in your bustle.

— Kathleen Shannon

Bio:Kathleen Shannon is a creative director, podcaster, speaker, author, and mentor. As the co-founder of Braid Creative and co-host of the Being Boss podcast she has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world authentically brand and position themselves as creative experts, cultivate confidence in their business, and blend more of who they are into the work they do. When she’s not working she’s traveling the world, cooking a great meal, or cuddling on the couch with her husband and their 3 year old son, Fox.Social Handles:Website - Braid CreativeFacebook - Braid CreativeInstagram - Braid CreativePinterest - Braid CreativeTwitter - Braid CreativeWebsite - Being Boss PodcastFacebook - Being Boss PodcastInstagram - Being Boss PodcastPinterest - Being Boss PodcastTwitter - Being Boss PodcastWebsite - Being Boss Book  

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