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EPISODE515 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing: EPISODE515 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing

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All discussions of energetic imbalances reference certain frequencies an imbalance may be similar to. A frequency is NOT the actual disease; Newly revealed Hereditary imbalances added to the AIM database; Some participants, like Stephen, may experience the symptoms of self-healing certain recently added Hereditary frequencies more as they approach the "bottom of their barrel" of imbalances. Everyone is different and has different layers of imbalances that are of varying impact in participants. Stephen believes age is a factor, too; Highly inspiring and educational chat with our special guest and long-time AIM participant Katrina Radke. Her energy is infectious!; We discussed the roles of AIM and her higher consciousness and outlook in her recovery from a debilitating illness that interrupted her Olympic swimming career for over 10 years. Within 2 years of being on AIM, she was able to recover and even achieved world-class levels in swimming again; Since then, she's focused on her family and life-long desire to help others by using her talents to coach people world-wide in their endeavors to be all they choose to be, athletically (novice to pro) and in every other aspect of life. Visit www.katrinaradke.com and www.wecoach4u.com to view all of her offerings and to purchase her book Be Your Best Without The Stress - It's Not About The Medal.

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