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DDFP 668: Will Brinson & the hugging incident gets resolved

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Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Matt "Money" Smith and CBS Sports' Will Brinson via Skype. Producer Kent Brown sent us a new voicemail from his mom as she reviews The Shape of Water (9:00). The group plays a game of 'Use Your Noodle' as Eddie Spaghetti asks them which NFL quarterbacks have thrown for over 30,000 yards and 250 touchdowns (11:00). Next, everyone reacts to Sully's Tweet about Chick-Fil-A and subsequently ranks the best fast food items (21:20). Shek, Money and Will debate which wide receiver they'd take for this upcoming season between Dez Bryant. Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson, Alshon Jeffery. Adam Thielen, Brandon Marshall or Michael Crabtree (29:50). Lastly, Shek brings up the awkward hug between EmmaVP and Money at the Dodgers game last week and makes them reenact the scene (36:00).

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